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Russian company Danone taken over by the state. Jakub Zakriew took over as CEO of Danone

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Russia has taken control of the Russian subsidiaries of Danone yoghurt producer and Carlsberg beer company. Now 32, the 32-year-old nephew of Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov has taken over as general manager of Danone in Russia, Reuters reported. Kadyrov, a close ally of Putin, called Yakub Zakrev on social media his “dear nephew.”

According to a decree signed by Putin on Sunday, Russia acquired control of the subsidiary Danone. 32-year-old Jakub Zakriew took over as general manager of Danone in Russia. The nomination was confirmed by Akhmed Dudayev, Minister of National Policy.

Yakub Zakriev is also the deputy prime minister of Chechnya and the republic’s minister of agriculture.

About Zakrev: dear nephew

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“His appointment as general manager of Danone in Russia shows that the representatives of the team of the president of Chechnya are talented and successful managers,” said Dudayev.

He added: “He has a lot of experience working in the most responsible positions.”

Kadyrov, a close ally of Putin, called Zakrev “my dear nephew” on social media. Zakrev is the son of one of Kadyrov’s elder sisters. He studied economics at Moscow State University. The Vedomosti daily reported that Zakriev had been working in the Chechen government since 2013 in various positions.

The strictest sanctions in history

War in Ukraine sparked the greatest crisis in Moscow’s relations with the West since the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962. As a consequence, many Western investors left Russia. Danone announced in October that it would relinquish control of its dairy business in Russia.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in 2022 she prompted United States to impose the strictest sanctions in history, which Putin sees as a declaration of economic war. He stated that Russia does not need the West and will rely on its own vast resources. He turns to China.

Danone the largest dairy company in Russia

We previously wrote that Danone began the process of selling its Russian business in October last year. The company told the BBC it was “currently investigating the situation”. The company added that it is “preparing to take all necessary measures to protect its rights as a shareholder of Danone Russia and the continuity of the company’s operations.”

Danone factory in RussiaNick NA/Shutterstock

The Danone branch in Russia is the largest dairy company in the country with approximately 8,000 employees. It was estimated that the sale of the company would bring the French one billion euros.

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