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Russian disinformation. An expert on the Kremlin's “attempts to manipulate”.

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Russia is trying with its entire disinformation ecosystem to convince us to stay at home and not vote, said Martyna Bildziukiewicz, head of the East Stratcom Task Force, an EU team fighting disinformation, in “Fakty po Faktach”. She added that “low turnout will be something on which the Kremlin will then continue to build its narrative.”

About possible hybrid attacks prepared by the Russian services, which may include, among others: a form of disinformation representatives of the Polish government have been saying for many weeks headed by the Prime Minister Donald Tusk.

Also FOR THIS indicated a few weeks ago in a special announcementThat Russia intends to carry out many campaigns aimed at destabilizing Western countries and societies.

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In “Fakty po Faktach”, Martyna Bildziukiewicz, head of the East Stratcom Task Force, the EU team to fight disinformation, commented on this issue.

– Above all, Russia is very interested in influencing our decision as to whether we will take part in the elections. It is important for Russia that we do not participate in these elections. Russia is trying to convince us to stay at home with its entire disinformation ecosystem, she said.

As she continued, Russia “on the one hand, tells narratives that we have known for years and that we heard, for example, in the European Parliament elections five years ago, that our vote does not matter and that therefore it is not even worth the effort. to vote, because decisions are made either by some vaguely defined elites or by… United Stateswhich dictate all decisions in Brussels anyway, she said.

She added that “there is also another component.” – Russia is trying to discourage us from going to the polls by saying that it may be dangerous at the polling stations or that there will be electoral fraud, and we need to be very careful especially with this type of manipulation attempts. Low turnout will be something on which the Kremlin will then continue to build its narrative, which will attack the EU member states, the entire Union and the democratic processes that are so important to us, she noted.


“Russia is investing primarily in discouraging people from voting”

Bildziukiewicz also emphasized that “of course, there may be many reasons for the low turnout, but in fact Russia is playing precisely for this.” – In other elections, we have also seen cases where Russia focused more on promoting a specific candidate, often an anti-system candidate, or on inciting a stronger, more polarized discussion between two extreme candidates or two extremely different parties, she said.

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– This is also happening, but above all, Russia is investing in discouraging people from voting – she added.

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