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Russian general Alexander Dvornikov – “the butcher of Syria” – has disappeared from the public space

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Russian general Alexander Dvornikov, known as the “butcher of Syria”, has not appeared in public for two weeks. The Italian daily Il Messaggero wonders where is the military man who was summoned by President Vladimir Putin to command the aggression in Ukraine after the Kyiv offensive failed.

The Roman daily writes about the assumptions of American observers that, according to Dvornikov, he could have been the next one on the list of officers who were “cleared” by Putin, disappointed with the course of the war from February 24, which was supposed to be a blast, but is turning into a “swamp”.

“The Butcher of Syria”

The now 61-year-old Dvornikov became the first commander of the Russian armed forces in Syria in 2015 and had a reputation for being merciless in supporting the country’s dictator Bashar al-Assad. He even resorted to the use of chemical weapons, which is why he is called “the butcher of Syria,” the newspaper explains.

Vladimir Putin and Aleksandr Dvornikov. Photo from 2016 kremlin.ru

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Now he was supposed to push the attack of the Russians decisively, but the results so far are not considered sufficient by the Kremlin, states Il Messaggero. He adds that there were assumptions that he too could have been placed on the long list of Russian generals “removed or suspended”.

The new goal indicated by Putin, ie taking full control of Donbass by 1 July, seems to be another “sign of impatience” – emphasized.

Main photo source: kremlin.ru

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