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Russian missile on Polish territory. Deputy Minister of National Defense Paweł Bejda comments

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Deputy Minister of National Defense Paweł Bejda said in “Fakty po Faktach” that the Russian missile most likely entered Poland last week by mistake, but it is possible that the Russians are “testing whether our procedures work and whether there is a reaction from Poland at the right time.” “. – This is also an opportunity to show the West that people should not get used to this war – said Bejda, referring to the hostilities in Ukraine.

The guest of “Fakty po Faktach” was Paweł Bejda, a politician PSLDeputy Minister of National Defense.

He was asked about the activation of two F-16 fighters and an allied air tanker due to the “intense activity” of Russian long-range aviation in Ukraine. At 10 a.m. on Tuesday, the Operational Command issued a communiqué in which it announced that “due to the reduced level of threat, the operations of the Polish and allied aircraft on duty in our airspace have been ended.”

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“Our forces cooperate with American forces”

The deputy minister was asked about the cooperation of Polish and American soldiers. – This is full cooperation. These are some kind of cooperation algorithms. Our forces cooperate with American forces. There are no arbitrariness and no accidents here – assured the deputy minister.

Bejda was asked whether the procedures had changed after the… Bydgoszcz in December 2022, a Russian missile was found. – I can only reassure you that these procedures are absolutely correct, the algorithm is correct. (…) All this is also gradually modernized. I also want to reassure the public that this entire situation is being absolutely monitored. These are two AWACS aircraft. They are very often in the air, he said.

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He explained that these planes enable monitoring “a large area of ​​Ukraine” – These planes are intended to track the Russian threat in Ukraine – he said.

Bejda: the entire situation is being monitored, these are two AWACS planes. They are very often in the air

Bejda: we also assume that the Russians are testing whether our procedures work

The Operational Command of the Armed Forces reported on Friday (December 29) that “in the morning hours, an unidentified aerial object entered the airspace of the Republic of Poland from the side of the border with Ukraine, which was observed by the radars of the defense system from the moment it crossed the border to the point of signal loss. the country’s air force. In the area of ​​the town Sosnowa-Dębowa (Lubelskie) a search operation was underway after the flight of a Russian missile.

– The rocket that entered our airspace during those three minutes simply turned back. Its flight trajectory was probably the result of a mistake. The Russians are programming this type of missiles. She was going to attack Lviv from the west side. It has also been verified by the Ukrainian side and our allies that this rocket hit the storage facilities on the Ukrainian side, said the deputy minister.

Paweł Bejda, Deputy Minister of National DefenseTVN24

Bejda said it cannot yet be confirmed that the rocket entered Poland due to an error. – We also assume that the Russians are simply testing our vigilance. We assume that they are testing whether our procedures work and whether there is a reaction from Poland at the right time and by appropriate forces – said the deputy minister of the Ministry of National Defense.

– This is also an opportunity to show the West not to get used to this war. This is a huge opportunity to show that this one war in Ukraine Is. It is no coincidence that the Russian aggressor attacks before the holidays, on holidays and on New Year’s Day. This is to destroy and break human morale, Bejda said.

Main photo source: TVN24

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