Russian Missiles Shot Down from Polish Territory? US Dissociates Itself


During the briefing for Polishmedia Michael Carpenter was asked about the possibility of shooting down by the forces NATO Russian missiles threatening the territory of Poland.

Director National Security Council European Affairs replied that in his opinion “it would make more sense to NATO allies donated Ukraine defense systems air force so that it can shoot down these missiles over its territory.”

– That's why President Biden's announcement yesterday on the transfer of five strategic air defense systems is such a big deal,” Carpenter said.

When asked if he was ruling out that option, Carpenter reiterated that he “doesn't know if operationally that's the most effective approach.”

NATO Shoots Down Russian Missiles: US Official Comments

The questions about the possibility of NATO shooting down Russian missiles were not accidental. They referred to the idea of ​​shooting down Russian missiles flying towards Poland while still over the territory of Ukraine.

Donald Tusk during the press conference with Volodymyr Zelensky he stated that this “an idea that was born in Poland“, has been the subject of talks for a long time. He noted, however, that this proposal must have NATO support.

– We need cooperation with NATO here. It is in the interest of Poland and Ukraine that such action has a stamp approval of the international community, preferably NATO – said the Prime Minister.

– I realize that these decisions may be insufficient for Ukrainebut I will talk to allies about how to organize such activities, he added.

Minister of Foreign Affairs Radosław Sikorski, asked about Carpenter's words and the issue of missile downing over Ukraine, emphasized that “this is just an idea for nownot a proposal”. He added that the topic is being discussed behind the scenes, and there are “different positions” in the discussion. He also pointed out that shooting down missiles on its territory is a request from Ukraine.

Washington Summit: Michael Carpenter on Europe's Security

Carpenter also commented on the series Russian sabotage activities in Europeincluding in Poland. He said that this is a topic of discussion among NATO leaders, treated “extremely seriously.”

– This is a matter that requires skillful coordination and cooperation, especially when it comes to sharing intelligence and cooperation between law enforcement agencies, he said.

Referring to the question about the plan announced on Wednesday to deploy long-range missiles in GermanyCarpenter said this was a response to similar moves by Russia and my goal is countering the threat from the east.

US Representative on Belarus. “Losing Sovereignty”

– This is very significant because it will be a new capability, deployed in Germany for the first time, although at first episodically. However, it will be a strong deterrent to Russia (…) because these are very advanced systems – he said.

Carpenter asked about the events taking place on Monday joint exercises of Belarusian and Chinese troops near the Polish border he stated that it is another sign of losing sovereignty By Belarus and its involvement in the war in Ukraine.

– Slowly but surely, Belarusian leaders unfortunately they are losing their sovereignty. They should think very carefully about what they are doing, Carpenter warned.

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