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Russian propaganda used President Andrzej Duda’s statement. “Very unfortunate words”

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We need to counteract Russian propaganda regarding Ukraine, declares President Andrzej Duda, and this is what he indicates as one of his main tasks during his trip to Africa. Before leaving Poland, he did not refer to his previous words, which became part of Russia’s narrative.

President Duda has just set off on a six-day trip to Africa. In Kenya, Rwanda and Tanzania, he is to talk about economic interests, development aid and the Polish point of view on Russian aggression in Ukraine. – A very important task to counteract the Russian propaganda that is really massive in Africa – Andrzej Duda emphasized before leaving.

The president is talking about the fight against Russian propaganda two days after it used his own words from an interview for an online channel. – I don’t know if Ukraine will regain Crimea. It is also special for historical reasons, because in fact, if we look historically, it was under Russia’s control for a long time, said the president.

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Russian pro-Kremlin media do not miss such opportunities and reinforced the Polish president’s words by writing that he emphasizes the historical affiliation of Crimea to Russia and doubts the return of the peninsula to Ukraine.

There is outrage and consternation in Ukraine. – I believe that it was an incident and we will not hear it, because for Crimean Tatars, for example, hearing something similar is a big problem – explains Mykola Kniazhitsky, a deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.

Several hours after the interview, the president wrote on social media that Russia’s attack on Ukraine and occupation of internationally recognized territories of Ukraine, including Crimea, is a crime, and his position on this matter is unchanged. This is enough for the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. – What he clarified is consistent with the government’s position and it seems to me that it closes the matter – emphasizes Radosław Sikorski, Minister of Foreign Affairs from PO.

The power of Russian propaganda

Politicians from the ruling coalition emphasize that the president cannot allow himself to make mistakes for which he then has to explain himself. – I would like the entire political scene to be united on issues related to Ukraine, and I would like to lower the veil of silence at the president’s words – comments Katarzyna Lubnauer, deputy minister of national education from Nowoczesna. – Very unfortunate words, because we can say the same about Szczecin or Wrocław. However, the president was an emanation of Western opinion – emphasizes Marek Sawicki from PSL-Trzecia Droga.

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– When President Andrzej Duda talks about Crimea this way, he speaks the language of Marine Le Pen, he speaks the language of Orban and all those people who still do not understand how dangerous Putin is and how dangerous the situation is – says Joanna Scheuring-Wielgus, deputy minister of culture. and national heritage.

Russia uses every opportunity to manipulate, disinform, censor and control the message. Just like at the Kremlin walls during the protest of the wives of Russian soldiers fighting in Ukraine. The services detained over twenty people for several hours – mostly journalists, mostly Western media.

Main photo source: PAP/Radek Pietruszka

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