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Russian software banned in the US. “Safety-critical” activities

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President Joe Biden's administration has banned the use of Russian cybersecurity software from Kaspersky Lab in the US. The U.S. Department of Commerce said Thursday that the software has been a concern in Washington since at least 2017. Under Russian law, the government in Moscow has full access to Kaspersky's systems and therefore to all customer data.

Russia has the ability, and even more, the intention to use Russian companies like Kaspersky to collect and exploit Americans' personal information. (…) Ultimately, we decided that given the Russian government's continued offensive cyber capabilities and ability to influence Kaspersky's activities, we must take significant action in the form of a full ban if we want to protect Americans and their personal information, the Secretary of Commerce emphasized USA Gina Raimondo.

Citing available regulations, ABC News reported that after July 20, Kaspersky cannot conclude any new contracts in the US. It can provide cyber and antivirus software to existing customers until September 29, but after that date it “will not be permitted to provide security updates.”

Kaspersky Lab headquarters in Moscow Reuters

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Critical to safety

Raimondo noted that Americans and U.S. businesses that continue to use existing Kaspersky products will not break the law, but will not be able to update their products from September 30. – I strongly encourage you to immediately stop using this software and switch to an alternative solution to protect yourself, your data and your family – added the Secretary of Commerce.

In turn, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, whose department has an extensive cyber agency, said that Americans should be aware that they can rely on the security of their devices.

“The actions taken today are critical to our national security and will better protect the private information and privacy of many Americans. …We will continue to work with the Department of Commerce, state and local officials, and critical infrastructure operators to protect our nation's most important systems and resources,” Mayorkas said.

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