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Russian soldier from Bucha Daniil Frolkin confessed to killing a civilian, convicted of spreading disinformation about the Russian army

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A military court in Khabarovsk has sentenced Russian soldier Daniil Frolkin to a 5.5-year suspended prison sentence for “spreading disinformation” about the Russian army, independent Russian media reported. 21-year-old Frolkin, in an interview with journalists, allegedly confessed to killing a civilian in the village of Andriivka in the Kiev region. In Ukraine, he is facing life imprisonment.

In August last year, journalists from the independent Russian portal Valzhnye Istoria (registered on Latvia) reported that they managed to determine the names of more than twenty Russian soldiers suspected of killing civilians in the village of Andriivka in the Kiev region.

“During the withdrawal, the Russian army left in the village not only hundreds of plundered houses, but also 25 photos of soldiers taken with a stolen and later abandoned mobile phone,” wrote Vazhnye Istoria.

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Daniil Frolkin was recognized in the photo. In an interview with journalists, he admitted that he shot a 47-year-old resident of the village, Ruslan Yaremchuk. Frolkin also reportedly said that Russian soldiers during the occupation of the Kiev region “stealed heavily”. He also said that their commanders gave “illegal orders.”

Publication about Frolkin’s conviction on The Insider theins.ru

He wasn’t arrested, he left the courtroom

The Russian section of Radio Svoboda reported that in December 2022 a criminal case was opened against Frolkin on the basis of an article about “spreading disinformation” about the Russian army. IN Russia under this provision, persons providing information and details about the involvement of Russian forces in the invasion are prosecuted Ukraine. Prosecutors had asked for six years in prison. Frolkin was not arrested. After hearing the verdict, which was pronounced in the Khabarovsk court, he left the courtroom. The journalists of the Ważnye Istori portal, who wanted to know the details of the case, this time failed to contact him.

The British newspaper The Guardian, describing the case of Frolkin, reported that he was a soldier of the infamous 64th Motorized Rifle Brigade, stationed in Khabarovsk Krai. His unit was accused of war crimes committed in Bucha near Kiev.

Bucha was freed from the Russian occupiers at the end of March last year Reuters

Ukraine claims that more than several hundred innocent civilians have been murdered there.

April 18, 2022 Vladimir Putin gave the brigade an honorary title, praising the “heroism, gallantry, perseverance and courage” of its members.

Frolkin faces life imprisonment in Ukraine

Criminal proceedings against Frolkin have also been initiated in Ukraine. He is accused of violating the laws and customs of war, and is facing life imprisonment for killing a civilian.

The Insider, Ważnyje Istorii, Radio Swoboda

Main photo source: PAP/EPA/ROMAN PILIPEY

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