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Russian soldiers at the front are shooting at each other. The British give a list of reasons

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At least 11 Russian soldiers were shot by their own comrades within two days, according to information from the British Ministry of Defense. According to London, such cases are common due to “a combination of low morale, alcohol abuse as well as ethnic tensions.”

The British Ministry of Defense reported in a daily update that on May 5-6, at least 11 Russian soldiers were shot as a result of fratricidal fire. Due to one of these events, which took place on May 6, the military police are actively searching for a soldier who killed six of his comrades. The wanted soldier is a former prisoner recruited to the Storm-Z unit, attached to an artillery battalion in the Russian-occupied Donetsk region.

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The second incident took place on May 5, when a soldier from the 38th Independent Motorized Rifle Brigade shot five soldiers after drinking alcohol.

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Fratricidal fire in the Russian army. Alcohol in the background

The ministry pointed out that cases of fratricidal fire have been occurring in the Russian army from the beginning war in Ukraine and can have deadly consequences for bystander civilians. It was recalled that in mid-August 2023 in the town of Urzuf near Mariupol, Chechen fighters and Russian soldiers opened fire on each other after an argument after drinking alcohol, resulting in the death of 11 people, including four Russian soldiers and seven civilians.

“These cases of fratricidal fire are a symptomatic combination of low morale, alcohol abuse, and ethnic tensions. The constant use of incarcerated Storm-Z fighters with criminal pasts and histories of violence on the battlefield further intensifies the cases of fratricidal fire,” it said.

British Defense Minister Grant Shapps also announced on Sunday that Great Britain has delivered so far Ukraine including 80 anti-aircraft missiles, with the prospect of increasing this number to 100 by the end of the month. The British also sent to Ukraine one million rounds of various types of ammunition, 20 “Vikings” – armored personnel carriers – and 20 landmine removal systems.

“The world cannot wait. Ukraine needs our action to have what it needs to push back against Putin,” Shapps wrote on Platform X.

Main photo source: mil.ru

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