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Russian strategic bombers fired missiles. In turn, the Ukrainians attacked the crossing in Crimea

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The Russian military attacked targets in Ukraine by firing cruise missiles from Tu-95 strategic bombers, the Ukrainian Air Force reported on Thursday morning. The Russians also used Iranian Shahed strike drones for attacks. The Ukraińska Pravda website reported that after a series of explosions, the Russians briefly closed traffic on the bridge connecting Crimea with Russian territory through the Kerch Strait.

According to social media users, one of the targets of the attacks was the town of Starokonstantyniv in the Khmelnytsky Oblast in the central part of the country, where a military airport is located.

He wrote about it, among others: a Ukrainian blogger with the pseudonym Nikolaevsky Waniok, who explained that the Russians were attacking Starokonstantyniv with the thought that this airport would be one of the bases for the expected Ukraine F-16 aircraft.

“Starokostantyniv in the Khmelnytsky Oblast is our air shield. This is a place that (Russians) believe will welcome new birds (F-16 planes),” wrote a blogger on the Telegram channel.

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Missiles fired

Meanwhile, the Ukrainian army reported that Kh-101 cruise missiles were fired from Tu-95 bombers operating from Engels airport in Russia's Saratov region. The Russians also used Iranian-made Shahed attack drones, launched from Primorsko-Akhtarsk in Russia and from Cape Chauda in occupied Crimea.

The commander of the Ukrainian Air Force, General Mykola Oleschuk, revealed that the Russians used 11 Kh-101 and Kh-55 missiles and 32 Shahed drones for night attacks. Ukrainian defense shot down seven missiles and all drones, he wrote on Telegram.

Attack on Kerch

On Thursday morning, Ukrainian media with reference to the local occupation authorities in the annexed Crimea reported that two ferries were damaged in Kerch as a result of a missile attack. The crossing and the bridge across the Kerch Strait leading from the Crimean peninsula to Russian territory have been closed.

The damage to the ferries was reported by the so-called Minister of Transport of Crimea, Nikolai Lukashenko, who stated that Ukrainian forces attacked transport infrastructure facilities in Kerch in eastern Crimea.

“While repelling an enemy attack on transport infrastructure facilities in the city of Kerch, two ferries – a car and a rail ferry – were damaged by fragments of shot down missiles – the windows of the superstructures were damaged. There were no casualties among sailors or civilians. After assessing the damage, traffic on the ferry crossing will be resumed” – he announced in a post on the Telegram channel.

The Ukraińska Pravda website reported that after a series of explosions, the Russians briefly closed traffic on the bridge across the Kerch Strait. The portal also wrote that nearly 20 explosions were heard in the city of Kerch.

Main photo source: mil.ru

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