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Russian volunteers from the Siberia Battalion fight on the side of Ukraine. They call their homeland the occupier

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The Ukrainian army may have more and more problems with repelling Russian attacks. According to American journalists, the Joe Biden administration allegedly warned Republicans that if Congress does not pass aid for Ukraine, Russia may win the war in the coming weeks or at most months. That’s why Ukraine needs support. As it turns out, the Russians themselves also support it. The Siberia Battalion was established within the Armed Forces of Ukraine, consisting of Russian volunteers.

In the exercises of soldiers from the Siberia Battalion, the scenario assumes that a unit of Russian volunteers fighting on the side of Ukraine must take control of the area. – We are storming enemy positions. We have to get through the trenches and bunkers to take over, explains “Karabas”, a soldier from the Siberia Battalion.

Everything is close to the real conditions of winter war. Except for one element – instead of soldiers, there are their imitations, which are hidden in the nooks and crannies of the trenches. However, next time Russian volunteers will have to shoot at real targets, i.e. their compatriots.

– The Russians are the enemy. They are committing aggression against the Ukrainian nation. For me it’s obvious that Russians are imperialists and occupiers, says “Szwed”. – Russia is committing crimes. This is pure madness and I don’t want to be part of it – adds “Karabas”. – I wanted a revolution in Russia. It was close when they put Navalny in jail, but it didn’t work out. That’s why I reached for the gun – says “Johnny”.

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The Russians joined the Siberia Battalion a few months ago. Initially, it was planned to be created from representatives of small nations enslaved by Russia, but later it was decided to abandon nationality or territorial restrictions.

There is one ideological foundation: after Ukraine’s victory, the nations constituting Russia should receive the right to self-determination. – As a result of war and victory, today’s Russia may fall apart. The borders will probably change, as separate states or some form of confederation may be created. Everything will change completely – believes “Chlod”, a soldier from the Siberia Battalion. He adds that it is not about the disintegration of Russia, but its reform. – I want Yakutia to get its Yakutian diamonds – says “Johnny”.

Ukrainian soldiers, despite the bitter cold, do not lose heart on the front line Reuters

How to become a battalion soldier?

Siberia – unlike other Russian units fighting as part of the Ukrainian Armed Forces – does not accept prisoners of war. The only way to get in is to be approved by the Citizens’ Council, an organization that coordinates the activities of the armed Russian opposition. Then the volunteers undergo a multi-stage inspection by the Ukrainian services. However, questions arise as to whether a well-trained Russian spy cannot pass such an examination, and what is the guarantee that you are not an FSB or GRU agent.

Some of the soldiers of the Siberia Battalion have already been additionally tested in a real war. – Together with these Russians, we were directed to the Avdiivka section. We performed surgery there in November. (…) We completed the task, there were no losses – says “Stary”, the trainer of the Siberia Battalion. A Russian historian nicknamed “Szwed” took part in the operation. – I was wounded in the chest and by mortar fragments – says the soldier.

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Some soldiers of the Siberia Battalion want to return to Russia and join the partisans. – I will return to Russia with all the skills and experience gained here – says “Chlod”.

Others do not want to abandon their weapons, even after the war. They want to prosecute war criminals. – I will find them anywhere in the world and at best I will send them to the Tribunal in The Hague, at worst I will kill them – says “Johnny”. For now, however, for all Russian oppositionists, the path to victory over the regime leads through the enemy’s trenches in Ukraine, which simply need to be taken by storm.

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