Russia's attack on children's hospital in Kiev. Appeal from Polish ambassador to the UN


The Polish ambassador to the UN, Krzysztof Szczerski, appealed at the Security Council meeting to save children from war. – The world must hear that Russia is deliberately creating a humanitarian catastrophe in Ukraine – he added.

Ambassador of the Republic of Poland to UN Krzysztof Szczerski said Monday's attack on the Okhmatdyt children's hospital in Kyiv was the latest example of unprovoked, indiscriminate attacks on the innocent and most defenseless.

As he noted, Poland, which hosted the president at the time, was among the countries condemning the attack. Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky. – According to media experts' estimates Russia spent 250 million dollars on yesterday's missile salvos against targets in several Ukrainian cities. Instead of putting money into the treatment of its children, it prefers to spend hundreds of millions on killing children in Ukraine. This would be enough to build several hospitals in developing countries – assessed Szczerski. – Let's save children from the plague of war – urged the ambassador.

Ambassador of the Republic of Poland to the UN Krzysztof SzczerskiSARAH YENESEL/PAP/EPA

Szczerski: Russia is deliberately creating a humanitarian catastrophe in Ukraine

The Permanent Representative of Poland to the UN stressed that it is necessary to “renew the condemnation of Russia's crimes, especially at a time when it holds the chairmanship of the Security Council, and to state loudly that, in accordance with international humanitarian law, hospitals enjoy special protection.”

“It is important for the world to hear the truth about how Russia is deliberately creating a humanitarian catastrophe in Ukraine through its attacks and using them as a tool for disinformation campaigns,” he added. He added that Russia is not only carrying out horrific attacks in Ukraine, but is also continuing to forcibly relocate Ukrainian children, which is a violation of international law.

40 percent of Ukraine's population needs humanitarian aid

The director of the Okhmatdyt hospital, Volodymyr Zhovnir, spoke at the Security Council about the victims, including children, and the destruction caused to the Okhmatdyt hospital as a result of the attack.

UN Humanitarian and Emergencies Representative Joyce Msuya said more than 14.6 million Ukrainians, or about 40 percent of the country's population, needed some form of humanitarian assistance.

She thanked donors who have so far provided nearly $890 million for this purpose. She noted, however, that this is only 28 percent of the $3.1 billion needed.

Council members almost unanimously condemned the brutal attack, called for de-escalation of the conflict and stressed the need for efforts to, among other things, preserve Ukraine’s sovereignty and punish perpetrators of war crimes committed in the country.

Main image source: SARAH YENESEL/PAP/EPA

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