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Russia's attack on NATO countries. The media reveals the Alliance's plans

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The development of logistic corridors in the event of war with Russia is starting rapidly warnings issued by NATO commanders.

– At one point someone said it would take 10 years, but I think so we are less than 10 years old because of the industrial base that is currently operating in Russia – said Eirik Kristoffersen, the main commander of the Norwegian army, in an interview with “Bloomberg”.

NATO modifies plans. Five countries were identified

In 2023, at the summit in Vilnius, the leaders of the Alliance countries agreed to develop plans that, in the event of aggression, assume the delegation of “300,000 soldiers on high readiness” – przypomina “The Telegraph”.

According to the newspaper's findings, after a possible attack on NATO countries American soldiers and military equipment would land at one of five ports in the Netherlands, Greece, Italy, Turkey or Norway. They would then head east a special logistic route. The journey would be completely free of bureaucracy, so as not to cause delays.

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NATO modifies plans. They indicated places particularly vulnerable to attack

Current plans assumed that American troops will arrive at the port of Rotterdam in the Netherlandsand then they will travel by train to Poland. Under the influence of events in Ukraine, including Russian long-range missile attacks, NATO wants to modify its plans. Indicating several ports and marking out several logistic routes will not paralyze actions in the event of a Russian attack on one of them.

“Everything is created to exist necessary resilience, solidity and reserves” – said Lieutenant General Alexander Sollfrank, commander of NATO's Joint Support Command, in an interview with The Telegraph.

In recent years, potential routes for troops to follow have been carefully reviewed. It was indicated that ports in the Baltic countries, Germany and the Netherlands are particularly vulnerable to missile attacks from Russia.

Source: The Telegraph, Kiev Independent

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