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Russia’s attack on Ukraine. Ambassador of Ukraine: Turkey is one of the countries buying grain stolen from Ukraine by Russia

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The Ukrainian Ambassador Vasyl Bodnar said that Turkey is one of the countries buying grain stolen from Ukraine by the Russians. According to the Ukrainian authorities, Russian forces have already stolen and exported half a million tons of grain.

Information about the purchase of stolen grain by Turkey Vasyl Bodnar provided on Friday. The diplomat told journalists that in view of the situation, he asked the Turkish authorities and Interpol to find out who was involved in the transport of grain through Turkish territorial waters.

So far, according to the Ukrainian authorities The Russians stole half a million tons of grain from the occupied territories.

The Ukrainian government also maintains that Russia tried to sell grain in Egypt and Lebanon, but the authorities of these countries refused to do so. The media reported on Sunday that one of the Russian ships that allegedly transported the stolen grain entered the port of Latakia in Syria on Sunday.

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Russia is also blocking Ukrainian ports. As a result, there are now more than 20 million tonnes of grain in the silos that are destined for export. The suspension of these exports could result in famine in many countries, mainly in North Africa.

Before the Russian aggression, Ukraine exported 5 million tons of cereals a month. Ukrainian agriculture was responsible for 12 percent. world wheat production, 15 percent maize production and half of the global production of sunflower oil.

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