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Russia’s attack on Ukraine. Attacks on civilians continue

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When photos of victims in Ukraine are replaced by photos from Israel in the world’s media, Russia takes the opportunity to intensify its attacks. Also on civilians. In turn, snow fell in the mountains, which reminds us that Ukrainians will once again face a difficult war winter.

On the Ukrainian front, heavy fighting does not stop for a moment. At Kupiański, the Russians tried to break the Ukrainian defense by sending armor. But even the newest Russian T-90M tanks didn’t stand a chance. – Over the last four days, the 66th brigade destroyed 25 tanks. This proves that the enemy is throwing people and equipment at our positions like cannon fodder, says Ilya Yewłash from the Eastern Grouping of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

To stop the occupiers and then drive out the enemy, Ukraine needs constant support, said President Zelensky during the meeting of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly in Copenhagen. – Thank you to every country, every leader, all the nations that are with us. To those who help us with air defense. This is especially important now, before the winter that Russia will try to make painful for us, Zelensky said.

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The first snow has already fallen in the Ukrainian Carpathians. Ukraine is preparing for the difficult months ahead. Specialists warn that there will be no power outages only if the energy system can be defended against Russian missile attacks. – We renovated a large part of what was destroyed. We have several power units that will not be ready at the beginning of winter because they were so damaged. Only next year will we be able to rebuild them – says Dmytro Sacharuk, executive director of the Energy Concern “DTEK”.

Ukraine: A Russian missile hit a cafe. More than 50 people died, many of the village’s inhabitantsAnna Czerwińska/Fakty TVN

There are difficult months ahead

It’s going to be tough, so everyone is preparing to survive power outages.

– The priority for winter is warm clothes. 32 local centers in Kiev are actively working on their distribution. We also help with radiators. Both individuals and institutions. And of course, we also distribute power generators, says Igor Prokopenko from the Ukrainian Red Cross.

Russia is already intensively bombing civilian objects in eastern Ukraine, spreading terror and death. – These are beasts. I don’t know what wrong we did to them. So many people are dying, they do it every day, taking the lives of our soldiers and civilians, says Olha Onacka, a resident of the village of Peresiczne.

In the village of Hroza in the Kharkiv Oblast, victims of the bloodiest Russian attack this year began to be buried. The rocket hit a cafe where a wake was taking place. At least 52 people died. – They were under Russian occupation, but they survived. And now they are dead. The man who directed that rocket should be impaled here. Half of the village died because of him, says Volodymyr, a friend of the victim of the attack in Hroz.

Ukrainians bury entire families. Many of the victims have still not been identified.

Main photo source: Fakty TVN

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