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Russia’s attack on Ukraine. Live coverage on March 21, 2023

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At least three civilians killed and 10 wounded are the tragic balance of Russia’s attacks on eastern and southern regions of Ukraine in the last 24 hours, officials said Donetsk and of Kherson military district administration.

“On March 20, the Russians killed two Donbas residents: in Bakhmut and Avdiivka. Another three people in the region were injured,” the head of the Donetsk administration, Pavlo Kyrylenko, announced in a Telegram.

The graphic attached to the entry states that since the beginning of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, 1,420 people have died and 3,244 have been injured in the Donetsk region. These figures do not include victims in occupied Mariupol and Volnovaha – reserved.

In the Kherson region, partially liberated from Russian occupation in November, one person was killed in the last 24 hours as a result of enemy shelling.

“According to the information of the Kherson Regional Military Administration, Russian invaders attacked inhabited civilian points in the Kherson region 66 times. (…) Residential districts of Kherson were shelled three times. Single and multi-family houses in the city were damaged,” the Kherson administration said.

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“Last day in the Kherson region as a result of Russian aggression, one person was killed and seven were injured with varying degrees of injury. Among the injured is an eight-year-old boy,” it was reported.

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