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Russia’s attack on Ukraine. Valery Załuzhny – will there be a resignation? President Volodymyr Zelensky is considering replacing the state’s management staff

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Volodymyr Zelensky stated during a Sunday interview for the Italian RAI television that he is considering the possibility of replacing the state’s management staff, not only in the military sector. This is the Ukrainian president’s reaction to rumors that he may dismiss the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, General Valery Zaluzhny.

When asked about rumors about the possibility of dismissing the general, the president replied: – It is a matter of people who are supposed to lead Ukraine. Certainly, a reset, a new beginning is necessary. When we talk about this, I mean the replacement of management staff in the country, not only in the military sector.

– I’m considering this exchange, it’s true. But you cannot say: we have replaced one person and now we can start again. This applies to the entire management group that controls the state machine, he explained.

And he repeated: – I mean something serious that does not concern a single person, but the leadership of the state.

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Zelensky assured that he agreed on the need to reach a peace process.

But – he noticed – Russia I don’t want peace because for them peace means failure.

Valery Załuzhny surrounded by military men facebook.com/CinCAFU

“Habituation” to war

The president said that some Ukrainians “have started to get used to the war.” – And this is a big mistake, unfair to those who are at the front. And the front can get where you are if you don’t support those who are fighting. The same applies to Europe. The war may get there because we are dealing with Putin. And when the war comes, no one will be ready, he stressed.

He then said: – European troops are not ready. This will be a shock. There will be tens of thousands of people in chaos who will face the migration process.

Zelensky asked: – What will Europe do if the Russian army comes? How will he defend himself? Where is the guarantee that FOR THIS Will he react quickly?

The president of Ukraine did not agree with the opinion that the Ukrainian counteroffensive “did not work.” – I wouldn’t say it didn’t work. The naval operation produced positive results. Russia lost many ships, he said. – However – he admitted – when it comes to the war on land, there is an impasse. This is a fact, because there were deficiencies. There were delays in equipment, which means errors.

Zelensky: I know we will win

Referring to almost two years of war, he said: – We are not alone. We also managed to unite world leaders.

He recalled that about 26 percent of Ukraine’s territory is still under Russian occupation. – But we see that the Russian military has not managed to make significant progress – he noted. When asked about what Ukraine is like today, he replied: – It is different, it is closer to Europe. Today, Ukraine has a stronger army and Western equipment. – Sometimes we are a bit tired, sometimes maybe arrogant, but we cannot allow Russia to win thanks to its tools: information, diplomacy, money – commented Zelensky. – I know that we will win – he emphasized.

Volodymyr Zelensky during a conversation with Valery Zaluzhny Pool /Ukrainian Presidentia / Zuma Press / Forum

He thanked me for the help

The President of Ukraine thanked the recent decision taken at the European Union summit to grant his country EUR 50 billion in aid.

As he noted, “without it, defense is impossible; without this money, we could lose what we have.” Referring to this year’s elections presidential w USA The Ukrainian leader admitted: – I want to believe and hope that if there are changes in the United States, the line will remain the same.

Main photo source: Pool /Ukrainian Presidentia / Zuma Press / Forum

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