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Russia’s conflict with Ukraine. Russians in the Baltic Sea, the Black Sea, the Barents Sea and the Crimea. Maneuvers and exercises. Demonstration of combat readiness

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Russia’s actions against Ukraine may take the form of another aggression. The increased exercises by the Russian armed forces planned for January and February, both at sea and on land, show that Moscow may be getting ready for war. On Tuesday, maneuvers began in the Black Sea and the Northern Fleet, and the Arctic grouping in the Barents Sea. The day before, 20 Russian ships sailed to the Baltic Sea. Exercises are also held in the western and southern military districts – including the annexed Crimea and the Rostov oblast that borders with Ukraine.

1.2 thousand people are to take part in the exercises of the Russian Northern Fleet. military units, 30 ships, 140 units of combat equipment and 20 aircraft. “The forces and troops of the Northern Fleet have joined the exercises as part of the maneuvers with the Arctic Expeditionary Group,” TASS reported on Tuesday, citing the press service of the Northern Fleet. The maneuvers, it was stated, were planned.


Most of the exercises are to take place in the waters of the Barents Sea, at sea training grounds and on land training areas in the Murmansk Region. They will be attended by such units as the air cruiser Admiral Gorshkov, the missile destroyer Severomorsk, the landing ship Ivan Grien, submarines, other water units as well as planes and helicopters of the Northern Fleet.

As the RIA Nowosti agency writes, the maneuvers “will allow to assess the level of preparation of the management of the fleet in crisis situations in the Arctic Ocean, as well as the command of forces and troops as part of ensuring military safety and the safety of maritime economic activities.”

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Russian maneuvers in the Barents SeaMinistry of Defense of Russia

Dozens of units in the Baltic and Black Sea

Exercises also began in the Black Sea on Tuesday. More than 20 ships take part in the maneuvers.

On Monday, the Russian defense ministry was informed about the start of maneuvers in the Baltic Sea with its participation 20 ships and units of the Northern Fleet. Units in several tactical groups are to perform tasks as part of anti-ship and anti-aircraft defense, as well as anti-mine protection of units.

Russian ships in the Baltic Sea mil.ru

On the same day, joint maneuvers of Russian and Chinese ships in the western part of the Arabian Sea began. On the part of Russia, they are attended by, among others, the Varyag missile cruiser and the destroyer Admiral Tribuc.

Last Thursday, the Russian defense ministry announced navy maneuvers with 140 ships, over 60 aircraft and 10,000 militarywhich will be carried out in the Mediterranean, North and Okhotsk seas and in the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans.

Exercises of the troops of the western and southern districts

Exercises also started on Monday 1. Guards Tank Army of the Western Military District Russia – reported the Interfax agency. Their purpose is to check the combat readiness. Over a thousand soldiers and about 100 pieces of military equipment take part in the maneuvers.

Exercises also started in the Southern Military District of Russia. As part of the inspection, more than 60 fighters and bombers of the district, as well as the Black Sea Fleet, will test missile attacks on Crimea, Kuban and the Rostov region bordering Ukraine, Interfax reported.

The combat readiness check in the Western Military District and the Southern Military District takes place against the background of the transfer of units and subunits of the Eastern Military District to Belarus, where in February they will be carried out Russian-Belarusian maneuvers Union Firmness-2022.

Russia redeploys troops to Belarus before Union Firmness maneuvers

Russia redeploys troops to Belarus before Union Firmness maneuvers Reuters

During Russia’s tensions with the West

The maneuvers take place during the growing crisis in Russia’s relations with the West. The authorities in the Kremlin are not responding to the numerous appeals of Western democracies for a de-escalation of the situation and the withdrawal of Russian troops gathered near the borders with Ukraine.

On Monday, the North Atlantic Alliance announced that “the forces of NATO countries go into standby and sending additional ships and fighters to bases in eastern Europe, thus enhancing deterrence and Allied defense as Russia continues to build up forces around Ukraine. ”

President Joe Biden has not ruled out the possibility of a rapid relocation of additional US troops to Europe depending on developments and the movement of Russian troops in the region.

Russian troops near UkrainePAP / Reuters / Maciej Zieliński

Main photo source: Ministry of Defense of Russia

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