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Rwanda, Floods and landslides in Rwanda. Over 100 people killed

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Floods and landslides in western Rwanda have killed more than 100 people, the RBA news agency reported. Authorities are trying to reach people trapped in their homes. Mounds of earth and mud blocked roads.

Recordings and photos released by the Rwandan news agency RBA show torrents of muddy water, flooded roads and destroyed homes.

“The downpour lasted all night, causing great suffering,” Western Province Governor Francois Habitegeko told Reuters.

“Our priority is to save any person who may be trapped”

The agency tweeted on Wednesday morning Polish time that the number of victims of floods and landslides had increased to 109. Earlier on Wednesday, local authorities reported at least 55 dead. Governor Habitegeko said many people were injured and trapped in their homes.

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“Our top priority is to reach every damaged home and rescue every person who may be trapped,” said Habitegeko. He added that the downpours began on Tuesday afternoon. The Sebeya River overflowed its banks. “The soil was already soaked from the previous days’ downpours, which resulted in landslides that blocked roads,” the governor added.

In East Africa, above-average rainfall is expected in May, the Rwandan Meteorological Service warns.

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