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Rybnik. The bus driver dropped a passenger in the middle of the intersection, right in front of an oncoming car. “If I hadn’t braked, I would have had this gentleman on my conscience”

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Crossroads in Rybnik (Śląskie Voivodeship), there is a bus in the left lane, it has a red light. Mr. Krzysztof passes him on the right, he has green to turn. – I’m going in this right lane 40 km / h, maybe less. Being in the middle of the bus, I can see through the front door a man with a briefcase in front of my car – describes a witness of a dangerous situation who recorded the film.

The incident took place in Rybnik at the traffic lights with a pedestrian crossing before the intersection of Mikołowska, Wyzwolenia and Sybiraków streets. – A very strange situation for me, which should never have happened – says Mr. Krzysztof, who was a direct witness of the event, and his car camera recorded what happened.

When he was approaching the intersection in the right lane, he had a red light to the left and straight ahead, but to the right, where he was going – green. He had the right to go. Fortunately, he was particularly careful when making a turn, which saved the health and life of the city bus passenger.


“I’m driving in the right-hand lane, and you get off the bus with your briefcase”

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Bus 51 stood in front of the pedestrian crossing in the left lane. – I have the right lane free, where there is a green light. I’m driving this right lane 40 kilometers per hour, maybe less. Being in the middle of the bus, I can see through the front door you are leaving with a briefcase in front of my car – says Krzysztof.

The bus driver dropped a passenger in the middle of the intersectionChristopher

When he later analyzed the captured image, he concluded that the passenger had noticed it. However, he did not have time to analyze it. – I had to brake sharply, fortunately you also stepped back a bit, you stuck to the bus – he says.

He didn’t know what to do. The man with the briefcase “stuck to the bus”, so the driver – in order not to obstruct the traffic at the intersection – drove on. – I was very scared – admits Mr. Krzysztof. And he adds: – You have to show such situations. Maybe it is too big a word, but for the caution of others, as well as for the driver of line 51 – someone do something. If I hadn’t reacted, if this gentleman had gone a step further, well, I don’t know what would have happened next then. I’d have him on my conscience, his legs would be broken.

Mr. Krzysztof is a professional driver and – as he assures – he would never stop at an intersection to drop someone off. – There is no such right to drop off a passenger outside the bus stop. If the bus driver had to do it, he had a gas station, if he was going straight ahead or to the right, he could have done it in some safe place – emphasizes the man.

Warning for passengers and drivers

– The first reaction was a shock – admits Łukasz Kosobucki, director of the Public Transport Board in Rybnik, after watching the recording. When we described the film to him earlier, he was convinced that the driver let the passenger go beyond the stop, but to the side of the road. – I did not expect that it would be a lane, that it would be a green light lane where the cars were running – says Kosobucki.

He assesses the situation as dangerous and unacceptable for two reasons: it is already punishable to let the passenger go outside the stop, and here, additionally, there was a threat to road traffic safety. – You were one step away from the tragedy. Perhaps it was a driver’s mistake, a moment of inattention, it is difficult to say what happened on this bus, we are waiting for the monitoring records from this bus – explains the director of ZTZ.

He cannot punish the driver because he is employed by an external company that provides services for ZTZ, but is obliged to report this incident to the road transport inspection. – We are also thinking about reporting it to the police, because it was, however, a traffic hazard – emphasizes Kosubucki.

According to the Road Transport Act, stopping outside the stop is a fine of three thousand zlotys. The inspection imposes a fine on the organization that employs the driver, and the organization may appeal against the penalty.

The bus may stop outside the stop when the passenger is unwell or there is some other emergency. – But it must be done safely. Here it was done in a dangerous way – claims Kosobucki. – This is reprehensible behavior. This is a warning not only for drivers, but also for passengers that they should not ask for such stops, because it may end very badly – emphasizes the representative of the ZTZ in Rybnik.

Main photo source: Christopher

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