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Rybnik. The councilman was driving drunk and hit cars. He was supposed to insult the police

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In Rybnik (Silesian Voivodeship), the 29-year-old first caused a collision, and then insulted and kicked one of the policemen who arrived at the scene a moment later. It turned out that the man had almost two times the legal limit of alcohol. Local media say that he is a councilor of the Boguszowice Osiedle District Council, a well-known sportsman and coach in Rybnik. The suspect has already been charged. He is liable to imprisonment for up to three years.

As the Rybnik police announced in a press release, on Saturday (April 22), after 10 p.m., the duty officer of the police station received a report about an intoxicated driver who damaged two parked cars.

“The driver of an Opel on Lompy Street, during a left turn maneuver, ran into a correctly parked Renault vehicle, which in turn hit the Opel with the force of the recoil. There was no one in the vehicles. On the spot, the police found a 29-year-old who, upon seeing the uniforms, began to behave become very aggressive” – ​​said the senior aspirant Bogusława Kobeszko, press officer of the Municipal Police Headquarters in Rybnik.

Rybnik. He insulted the policemen and kicked one of them

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She added that the Rybnik citizen did not respond to the commands given to him by the police officers, he was supposed to insult them with obscene words and kick one of the officers. The 29-year-old was arrested.

The man hit the cars and tried to run awayrybnik.com.pl

The man hit the cars and tried to run awayrybnik.com.pl

“During the sobriety test, it turned out that he had nearly two per mille of alcohol in his body. After spending the night in the police custody, the Rybnik man was charged with: driving while intoxicated, insulting policemen and violating the inviolability of one of them” – informed Kobeszko.

The councilor says he was not aggressive

According to the portal rybnik.com.pl, the detainee is a well-known sportsman, coach, and recently also a councilor of the Boguszowice Osiedle District Council, Kacper L. The man is facing a penalty of up to 3 years in prison. In an interview with the portal, he admitted that he was driving under the influence of alcohol. He says he wasn’t aggressive.

“The policemen did not instruct me, they did not want to cooperate. After the incident, I was detained as a citizen. My first reaction was to disappear from the scene, but I came back. I was ready to face the consequences. Instead, I was pacified, I told the policemen that I did not want such treatment “They pushed me into the police car, I hit my head against the door frame and they threw me in the back seat. I wanted to move my handcuffed hands from the back to the front. I was told by the policemen that I had no right to do that. Then the policeman wrote down that I hit him. It is illegal “I will not allow myself to do that. There will be complaints against officers. I have a lawyer and I will fight for my rights,” admitted the 29-year-old.

The man was arrested by the policeKMP Rybnik

Main photo source: rybnik.com.pl

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