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Rydzyk, Sakiewicz, Obajtek, Karnowscy. This is how PiS controls the media in Poland

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On the one hand, there are free and independent media. On the other hand, there are those that support the ruling camp, and whose accounts receive huge sums of public money. The authorities control, among others, state-owned companies, government radio and television.

This is the reality described by Jarosław Kaczyński. – There are few countries, I’m talking about democratic countries in the world, where the influence of the authorities on the media is so minimal – claims the PiS president.

The reality, however, is different. What Daniel Obajtek says is not a minimal influence of the authorities on the media. – We are taking over 20 out of 24 regional dailies published in Poland and nearly 120 local weeklies – said the president of PKN Orlen. The media power, which Daniel Obajtek himself described, is only part of the system under the rule of PiS. The authorities control state-owned companies, government radio and television, where TVP is the most powerful. In the media system of PiS, TVP is a giant around which the media that PiS likes and supports all Poles with money revolve. Also those who do not watch TVP. Every year, all Poles give it almost PLN 3 billion from their taxes – whether they want it or not.

Obajtek about what he will do if the opposition wins the autumn electionsRmf fm

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Sakiewicz’s strength

However, there is someone from whom PiS requires even greater availability. – Even if we have to explain to public television for at least 48 hours so that they repeat it every day, Telewizja Republika will not need to explain anything and you will start it from today. True? I have no doubts about this – said Antonii Macierewicz in an interview with Tomasz Sakiewicz, the head of the channel.

Tomasz Sakiewicz has been able to show himself from many sides in the public space. He called the opposition member “a boor” and suggested that he “check before the Sejm who is a man” and then thank the Kaczyński brothers for “an affair with Poland”. This is how this emotional-political-media system looks like on a micro scale. The authorities gave 5.7 million zlotys from the taxes of all Poles to the Independent Media Foundation founded by Sakiewicz and, for example, another 5.5 million for Puszcza TV.

There were years, during the PiS government, when Tomasz Sakiewicz had over a hundred anti-opposition statements in “Wiadomości” a year. The head of Orlen’s media – Dorota Kania – had fewer, but not much less. It was she who said that Donald Tusk was responsible for the level of aggression in the public debate.

July 15, 2021 | Puszcza.tv for millions of zlotys. What was it for? “This is paying off political debts”Pawel Pluska | TVN facts

The alliance of the media and the altar

At the time of the takeover of independent media by Orlen, their book value was over PLN 200 million. Tadeusz Rydzyk’s media never had such power. But he himself has the support of the PiS president. Huge support. The authorities openly celebrated successive works of Tadeusz Rydzyk – as he himself calls his various undertakings, not only media ones. Politicians of the United Right took part in the “birthday” of his radio.

Two years ago, the independent portal OKO.press calculated that during the first five years of PiS’s rule, not only Tadeusz Rydzyk’s media works received PLN 325 million from the state coffers.

10/11/2022 |  The Ministry of Culture and National Heritage awarded further subsidies.  Among the winners, Father Rydzyk's foundation

10/11/2022 | The Ministry of Culture and National Heritage awarded further subsidies. Among the winners, Father Rydzyk’s foundationThe fund of the Ministry of Education and Science was supposed to be for all non-public schools, but the funds are for selected ones. Almost one hundred million zlotys flowed mainly to non-public Catholic schools. Among the winners is also Father Tadeusz Rydzyk’s Our Future Foundation. Katarzyna Gorniak | TVN facts

The strength of the brothers

Jacek and Michał Karnowscy in the media system of the state ruled by PiS function according to the previously described pattern – they often and very often flog the opposition on TVP, praise the government and award prizes to PiS politicians. This part of the media system is best presented at the moment when a TVP employee announced an award for Daniel Obajtek at the media gala of the Karnowski brothers and exchanged sponsors from other state-owned companies. He exchanged for a long time. On this occasion, a government television employee called out a member of the government to praise whoever the government gave employment to. – Napoleon Bonaparte said that nothing is impossible for Poles. As if he knew President Obajtek – said Marcin Warchoł, Secretary of State at the Ministry of Justice.

All those described above call themselves journalists, and the authorities call them authorities and the new elite. Also intellectual. – If the United States collapses as a Western power, someone someday, I don’t know if they will be able to write a book about how the United States fell, could start with Mr. Brzeziński’s meeting with Mrs. Kurdej-Satan, judged Jacek Karnowski.

The war threatening Poland was started by Russia. The United States is a world superpower, and Barbara Kurdej-Szatan is a popular Polish actress whom the American ambassador met. However, an even greater enemy than her – according to media favorable to the government – are Germany. Also a Polish ally – but most of all Polish allies disliked by Jarosław Kaczyński.


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