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Rykowisko, Beskidy Mountains, Babia Góra National Park. “Now is the best time to hear the loud bass roars of the bulls.”

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A rut, i.e. the mating season for deer, has begun in the Beskidy Mountains. The first roars could already be heard in the Babia Góra National Park. There will be more soon.

A rut has started in the Beskids. As Maciej Mażul, a naturalist from the Babia Góra National Park, said, the first roars could already be heard there.

– People who live near forests may have difficulty sleeping. Now is the best time to hear the loud bass roars of bulls, naturalists from the Babia Góra National Park said on Tuesday.

Rut. Deer In Babia Góra National Park

The rutting season usually begins when the temperature drops to around freezing at night. The bulls gather a herd of hinds around them and fight for them with competitors.

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– The rut depends on the weather. When the temperature drops, the deer move. This year the rut has already started. The animals did not wait for frosts. It’s hard to say how long it will take. It all depends on whether the bulls are strong or weaker. They are competing with each other. If they are strong and there will be many competitors, that’s good, because the females will be fertilized by the best individuals. If there are no dominant ones, then everything blurs – explained Maciej Mażul.

There are a lot of deer in the area of ​​Babia Góra. – We even complain that there are too many of them. When they get hungry in winter, they eat our young fir tree with wild joy. We are not too happy about it – said Mazul. The exact number of specimens is unknown. Counting deer is still waiting for the naturalists from the Park.

Deer rut (Fakty TVN archive video from September 17, 2014)A rut has begun in the forests of the Bieszczady Mountains and the Low Beskids; the mating season of Carpathian deer. – At dusk and dawn, you can already hear the prolonged roaring of males – said the spokesman of the Regional Directorate of State Forests in Krosno, Edward Marszałek.TVN facts

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