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Rymań. The billy goats got tangled with antlers. Policemen and hunters helped

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Two billy goats that got tangled up in antlers in Rymań (West Pomeranian Voivodeship) were saved thanks to the vigilance of two teenagers. The animals were unable to free themselves. Policemen and hunters came to the rescue.

Billy goats – male roe deer – lying under the trees by the bicycle path in Rymań in the Westpomeranian Region, noticed two teenagers during their walk – said Sergeant Major Karolina Seemann from the Kołobrzeg police. – Their reports showed that the animals were exhausted, breathing heavily and unable to move. They also had stuck antlers – added the policewoman.


Policemen and hunters helpedWest Pomeranian Police

The policemen and hunters released the goats

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A police patrol from Rymania went there. Hunters from the Foka Hunting Association were also asked for help. “The men approached the dumbbells carefully and released them gently but efficiently,” Seemann said.

According to her account, the animals quickly realized that they were no longer trapped and ran to a nearby forest. – Thanks to the reaction to the harm to animals, we were able to intervene quickly and efficiently and ensure their safety – said a spokeswoman for the Kołobrzeg police.

Main photo source: West Pomeranian Police

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