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Ryn. The policeman noticed pots of cannabis on the windowsill

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Two pots with plants resembling hemp bushes were noticed by a policeman who was in one of the buildings in Ryn (Warmińsko-Mazurskie Voivodeship) for intervention. The 44-year-old who opened the door to uniformed officers admitted it was cannabis. He also told me where he buried two jars of weed.

A policeman from the prevention department in Olsztyn helped the uniformed officers from Ryn in apprehending the wanted person. When he left the building, he noticed that on the windowsill of one of the windows there were plants resembling cannabis bushes. Together with the head of the Ryn police station, they knocked on the apartment in question.

It was opened by a 44-year-old. He was very surprised.

The pots were on the windowsillWarmian-Masurian Police

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He admitted that he also grows shrubs in the garden plot

“He quickly admitted that he had two pots with a hemp bush on the windowsill and a bag with a string fastener, in which he stored dried plants, as well as drought in a liter jar,” reads the message on the Warmian-Masurian police website.

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The man also admitted that he also grows shrubs on the garden plot, and he has two jars with another dried plant buried under the forest.

He said it was for his own use

“In total, the police officers secured 15 hemp bushes and 200 grams of ready-made marijuana. The man was detained, he explained that it was for his own use” – reads the message.

The case will end up in court. Possession of drugs is punishable by up to three years in prison.

Main photo source: Warmian-Masurian Police

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