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Ryszard Czarnecki promised a reward. He never gave it to her. High school students waited for years

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Law and Justice MEP Ryszard Czarnecki presented the winners of the historic competition with cardboard tickets to the European Parliament. Years passed and the winners did not receive an invitation to the trip. The MEP explains that the pandemic is to blame for everything. In turn, the European Parliament points out that trips were organized even during the pandemic. Students no longer have to wait for the prize. They were invited to Brussels by someone else – Andrzej Halicki from the Civic Coalition. Material from the “Poland and World” magazine.

There was a competition, there was a prize. Three high school students from one of Warsaw’s high schools received tickets for the film. – Beautifully printed, cardboard. And it says there Ryszard Czarnecki invites the winners and finalists of the competition to Brussels, to the European Parliament – says Tomasz Brzeziński, father of one of the competition winners.

A year passed, then two and three, and the high school students were still waiting for the promised tickets. – I teach children not to lie. Someone lied to them, and very brazenly, says Tomasz Brzeziński.

– There was a pandemic for two years COVID-19therefore there were no trips to the European Parliament at that time – argues Ryszard Czarnecki.

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The pandemic broke out more than half a year after the event, but even then trips to the European Parliament were organized. A year and a half ago, all restrictions were lifted. – After March 2022, the possibility of inviting people was unblocked again – says Bartosz Ochapski from the press office of the European Parliament in Poland.

Ryszard Czarnecki promised high school students tickets to the European ParliamentTomasz Brzeziński

– It is very shocking when young people invest their time and heart, show that they care and nothing comes of it – says Marek Nocuła, director of the XLVI Secondary School in Warsaw. – People who represent Poland, also in Europe, treated us this way and not otherwise – he adds.

In addition to the pandemic, the MEP talks about one more problem that prevented him from fulfilling his promise. – The competition organizer did not provide me with contact details for the three winners. Finally, he recently provided me with this data, he claims.

“Contacts of the competition winners were provided to Mr. Ryszard Czarnecki at his request, which is not the case in 2019 and 2023,” informs the Patria Nostra Foundation, which has been implementing the educational project since 2017.

MEP Andrzej Halicki helped the competition winners

The father representing the competition winners tells journalists that he has repeatedly tried to contact the MP regarding their trip to… Belgium. He even met him in person in Poland.

– I say: “you know, to make it look good, you’re not a politician and I think it would be good if you wrote an e-mail or called these girls and said: girls, listen, there was a problem, it’s solved, let’s go.” . He said: “Okay, maybe we’ll do that,” reports Tomasz Brzeziński.

Contact has been lost. During the next attempt, Mr. Tomasz mistakenly called the office of MEP Andrzej Halicki. – I’m telling you to give me five minutes. I will contact the boss here and maybe we will be able to do something about this issue – says Aleksandra Śmietanka from the office of MEP Andrzej Halicki.

A few weeks later the girls were already in Brussels. Ryszard Czarnecki also has a message for the winners. – Two trips will be organized in November. As part of one of them, the three winners will go to Brussels, says the MEP PIS.

The father of one of the high school students wants an apology

Tomasz Brzeziński explains that high school students no longer need Ryszard Czarnecki’s invitation. – They have already been there, so they received the award. We have this matter sorted out. I think they deserve the word “I’m sorry,” he adds.

– Those who want to do something for a given community then get hit on the head, like me. I find it extremely unfair, but oh well. Karma comes back – says Ryszard Czarnecki.

– I won’t be able to deal with it until I hear sorry and let it go – says Tomasz Brzeziński.

If the situation is similar to the organization of the trip, the father of one of the high school students may have to wait a while for an apology. As long as we get them.

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