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Ryszard Czarnecki received the salary of the vice-president of the volleyball association. Comments of opposition politicians

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Ryszard Czarnecki, MEP, was supposed to perform the previous function – vice-president of the volleyball association – for free, but, as he says, he had to start earning money because he was asked to do so. Now he has a new volleyball-related job and last year he earned over PLN 160,000 in it. In addition, he has a net amount of about PLN 400,000 a year from the European Parliament. – Money sticks to his hands. This is a man who without any embarrassment pulls from wherever he can – says Aleksandra Gajewska from Platforma Obywatelska. Material of the magazine “Polska i Świat”.

When in 2018 he became vice-president of the Polish Volleyball Association, Richard Czarnecki he assured that he would perform the function socially, i.e. for free, but it happened otherwise.

The MEP was to receive PLN 10,000 a month, he had a company car and a refund for fuel. As he explains, his colleagues from the union asked him to collect his salary. – It was decided that I should not stand out from other vice-presidents of the union and I started to receive a salary – argues Ryszard Czarnecki.

– In the volleyball community, it was considered that a situation where one president collects funds, the second and third collects, and the fourth does not, is an awkward, artificial situation and I was convinced not to do it – he explains.

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Czarnecki is the president of the Polish Volleyball Foundation

Last year, he received over PLN 162,000, because he is currently the president of the board of the Polish Volleyball Foundation. This follows from his asset declaration. He no longer intended to perform this function socially.

– Such was the decision of the foundation’s council that the previous president collected these funds, the present one, also the vice-president, also an employee, and no changes were introduced here – says Ryszard Czarnecki.

The foundation’s mission is, among other things, to help people from the volleyball community who have financial problems. – He should renounce this remuneration and give what he earned to social purposes as soon as possible – believes Miłosz Motyka.

Richard CzarneckiPiotr Nowak/PAP

As an MEP, Czarnecki earned about PLN 400,000 last year. In addition, the profit from another foundation. He has shares worth almost PLN 138,000, over PLN 290,000 in his account and almost EUR 81,000, and together with his wife, apartments, a house and plots of land.

– He does not have to charge for it, and the bonuses in the European Parliament are huge, but as you can see, Mr Czarnecki says “sky is the limit” and takes as much as he can – comments the spokesman of the Polish People’s Party, Miłosz Motyka.

– Money sticks to his hands. This is a man who without any embarrassment draws money from wherever he can – assesses Aleksandra Gajewska from Platforma Obywatelska.

– MP Ryszard Czarnecki likes money very much, and money likes Ryszard Czarnecki very much – states Anita Kucharska-Dziedzic from Nowa Lewica. – There is money, there is presidency, there is profit, there is fame and it doesn’t matter what they say, but it’s important that they don’t misspell their names – he adds.

– Ryszard Czarnecki He is one of the cogs of the PiS machine of extracting public money, because who knows what it is – says Arkadiusz Myrcha from the Civic Platform.

Main photo source: Piotr Nowak/PAP

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