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Ryszard Petru will run for the Sejm from the lists of Third Way in Warsaw. Comment by the former leader of Nowoczesna

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Ryszard Petru, former leader of Nowoczesna, speaking in “Fakty po Faktach” on TVN24 about his run for the Sejm from the Third Way list, said that this is the party to which he is “closest in terms of program”. He also said that he was calling Sławomir Mentzen from Konfederacja, who, like him, is running for the Sejm from the capital, to the next debate. – My mission is to stop Mr. Mentzen in Warsaw – he said.

On Saturday, during the Third Way convention in Katowice, the leader of Poland 2050 Szymon Hołownia announced that Ryszard Petru will run for the Sejm from the lists of Third Way in Warsaw.

– We know perfectly well that today we have to stop not only that PISbut also the Confederation, so the last place on our list in Warsaw will be Sławomir Mentzen’s nightmare – declared the leader of Poland 2050. He added that Petru “is joining Poland 2050”.

Hołownia: Sławomir Mentzen’s nightmare will be on our list in Warsaw

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Hołownia: Sławomir Mentzen’s nightmare will be on the list of Third Droga in Warsaw TVN24

Petru: I have a specific mission to complete

Petru was a guest of Saturday’s “Fakty po Faktach” on TVN24.

– I have a specific mission ahead of me, because we are threatened by a black-brown coalition of PiS and Confederation. I believe that I can help stop the Confederation and take over its votes. When it comes to the Third Way, it is closest to me in terms of program, because, for example, they did not vote in the Sejm for an increase 500 plus up to 800 plus – he said.

– I believe that this is a group that has a chance to take third place, and whoever comes third will rule in Poland. If there is a third one Confederation, then I warn everyone – he will form a government with PiS. If Third Way comes third, on the podium, then there is a chance for a democratic, European government, one that gives Poles a chance for development and, ultimately, oligarchization of the state. And this is the one choice – continued the former leader of Nowoczesna.

– We have six weeks until the elections and I believe that my mission is to keep Mr. Mentzen in Warsaw – he said, referring to the fact that Sławomir Mentzen is running for the Sejm in the capital.

Petru: I’m calling Mentzen for another debate

He said that he had already had the opportunity to debate Mentzen and “he is calling him for another debate” because the previous one was not finished. – And there are a few new issues that were raised during the election campaign – he added.

– I think that voters in Warsaw can expect answers to fundamental questions. Namely, the issues of what is serious in their (Confederation’s – ed.) program, whether they support Poland’s exit from the European Union, how they imagine the liquidation of, for example, ZUS, when ZUS pays benefits to retirees – he enumerated.

As the TVN24 guest continued, “these are fundamental questions.” – And I am afraid that the Confederation is fooling Poles, entrepreneurs and young people into a program that is an electoral void. I believe that a debate with them is a value in itself, because it is democracy, he added.

Petru: my mission is to stop Mr. Mentzen in Warsaw

Petru: my mission is to stop Mr. Mentzen in WarsawTVN24

Petru: Poland needs to be organized better for the same money

Petru was asked how he would like to convince potential voters of Sławomir Mentzen and Konfederacja.

– Firstly, by showing that you can have low taxes, but you must have high quality public services. Secondly, in order for Poland to be strong and secure, it must be in the European Union, he said.

At the same time, he added that “Poland can be organized much better for the same money.” – Instead of handouts, I propose much better quality of medical services, protection and education. These are demands that – I am convinced – are consistent with those expected by some potential Confederation voters – he added.

Petru was asked what he meant by “handing out”. He replied that he had always been a supporter of the income criterion in the matter of 800 plus. – We can save between PLN 20 and 30 billion this way. And this money will be largely spent on teachers’ pay raises, on better organization of health care, on efficient health care where there will be no such long queues – he continued.

When asked what amount he believed should not be eligible for 500 plus, and from January 800 plus, he replied that he had already proposed that it should be from PLN 2,500 per person. He emphasized that this is not the official position of the Third Way. – We can discuss it, but the idea is to organize Poland better for the same money – emphasized the guest of “Fakty po Faktach”.

Main photo source: TVN24

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