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Ryszard Terlecki called the woman a moron. The deputy marshal commented on the recording from the shopping center in Krakow

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On Monday, Deputy Speaker of the Sejm Ryszard Terlecki (Law and Justice) referred to the recording from a shopping center in Krakow and an exchange with a woman he called a “moron”. When asked if he was going to apologize to her, he said that “some women listened to (Donald-ed.) Tusk and think that by rudeness and aggression one gains popularity”.

Barbara Nowacka, a member of the Civic Coalition, published on Friday evening on her Twitter profile a recording of how Terlecki turns to the woman, who spoke critically about the policy of the current government. The situation took place in one of Krakow’s shopping centers.

– I would just like to say that what is happening in the country, what you do to women, is simply reprehensible – says the woman on the recording, turning to Terlecki. “You’re a moron,” answered her deputy marshal.


Ryszard Terlecki to a woman in a shopping center: you are a moronTwitter / @ barbaraanowacka

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Terlecki: some women listened to Tusk and think that rudeness is gaining popularity

Terlecki was asked on Monday by a journalist in the Sejm if he intended to apologize to the woman he had offended. “This is insolence what you say,” he replied.

– Some women listened to (Donald-ed.) Tusk and think that you gain popularity with rudeness and aggression – he emphasized. – They attacked me and my wife, accidentally there was a crowd – added the deputy marshal. – This is crude rudeness and what they heard is the most delicate what can be said about it – assessed the PiS politician.

Earlier Terlecki in an interview with “Dziennik Polski” he said that he “told this lady that she was a moron, thus determining her mental level”. “I believe that this term was extremely delicate to the behavior I encountered. Unfortunately, such behavior is typical of environments which prefer a brawl over any arguments. However, you have to react to it. I did it very politely” – he added.

Mrs. Joanna: I did not expect Terlecki to respond in this way

Terlecki’s interlocutor, Joanna she explained in an interview with a TVN24 reporter that “she wanted it to be registered, because she did not know what Terlecki’s reaction would be”. – I was afraid that maybe I would be accused of attacking him, that I was, for example, rude to him or shouted a lot, so I wanted to protect myself in this way – she said.

“I didn’t expect him to speak like this,” she added.

The KO deputy Barbara Nowacka announced that she would submit an application to the parliamentary ethics committee in connection with Terlecki’s statement.

Main photo source: TVN24

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