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Ryszard Terlecki on the European Union. One day about the need for “drastic solutions”, and the other about polexit as “an imaginary nativity scene”

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Deputy Speaker of the Sejm, Ryszard Terlecki, said on Wednesday in Karpacz that Poland “must look for drastic solutions” in relations with the European Union and pointed out, for example, the British who “showed that the dictatorship of the Brussels bureaucracy did not suit them” and left the Community. On Thursday, the head of the Law and Justice club stated that Poland “was, is and will be a member of the EU”, and polexit is “an imaginary nativity scene”.

Deputy Speaker of the Sejm Ryszard Terlecki at the Economic Forum in Karpacz on Wednesday said that “we should think about how we can cooperate as much as possible, so that we can all be in the Union, but that this Union should be what it is acceptable to us.”

– If it goes as it looks like it will, then we have to look for drastic solutions. The British showed that the dictatorship of the Brussels bureaucracy did not suit them and turned around and left. We do not want to go out, our support for the Union is very strong, but we cannot get chased into something that will limit our freedom and that will limit our development – said Terlecki. His words opposition politicians commented, stating that the deputy marshal suggested the possibility of polexit.


Opposition politicians comment on Ryszard Terlecki’s words about the European UnionTVN24

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Terlecki: Poland was, is and will be a member of the EU

A day later, on Thursday, Terlecki referred to his own words from Karpacz. In an entry in social media, he stated that “Poland was, is and will be a member of the EU”.

“Today there is a struggle as to whether the EU will remain faithful to the principles that lay at its foundations or whether it will be plunged into disputes fueled by total opposition. I believe that the present apathy and crisis in the EU will be overcome” – he added. In his opinion, “Polexit is a nativity scene invented by the PO and TVN24”.

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