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Ryszard Terlecki to Joanna: you are a moron. Barbara Nowacka: we address the request to the Deputies’ Ethics Committee

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During the exchange of views with Ms Joanna, Deputy Speaker of the Sejm Ryszard Terlecki called her a “moron”. – I didn’t expect him to speak this way. He did not show his class, in my opinion he behaved very rude – the politician’s interlocutor commented in an interview with a TVN24 reporter. Barbara Nowacka, a member of the Civic Coalition, said that an application would be submitted to the Deputies’ Ethics Committee regarding the behavior of the deputy speaker.

Barbara Nowacka, a member of the Civic Coalition, published on Friday evening on her Twitter profile the recording of Deputy Speaker of the Sejm Ryszard Terlecki calls a resident of Krakow a “moron”. It was his reaction to the attention of a woman. The situation took place in one of Krakow’s shopping centers.

– I would just like to say that what is happening in the country, what you do to women, is simply reprehensible – says the woman on the recording, addressing Ryszard Terlecki.

– You’re a moron – replies her deputy marshal.

Ryszard Terlecki to a woman in a shopping center: you are a moronTwitter / @ barbaraanowacka

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– The author of this film is Ms Magda, who, together with her sister, Ms Joanna, were in one of Krakow’s shopping malls. They saw the marshal and decided that they cannot help but tell him what they think about what is happening to Polish women – Barbara Nowacka explained in an interview with TVN24 on Saturday.

Mrs. Jaonna: I did not expect such words, the deputy marshal did not show the class

Ms Joanna, Terlecki’s interlocutor, mentioned by Nowacka, commented on her exchange with the politician in an interview with the TVN24 reporter.

She explained that she wanted it to be registered, because she did not know what Terlecki’s reaction would be. – I was afraid that maybe I would be accused of attacking him, that I was, for example, rude to him or shouted a lot, so I wanted to protect myself in this way – she said.

“I didn’t expect her to speak like this,” Joanna said. – Especially since his wife probably accompanied him. That he spoke to another woman in front of his wife … He did not show the class, in my opinion he behaved very rude – Joanna added.

– When my sister heard how he behaved, she also got upset and disconnected the recording, because I also told him later that it was a shame and a disgrace for what they were doing, what policy they are pursuing, and especially, recently, towards women – reported the course of the exchange of views.

Nowacka: we address a request to the Deputies’ Ethics Committee

Barbara Nowacka assessed the deputy marshal’s behavior as “shocking”. – Terlecki got us used to the fact that he treats deputies disastrously, that he treats the media in a rude and arrogant way, but this thin line of approaching people in this way has been exceeded – she assessed.

A deputy of the Civic Coalition informed that she had submitted a request to the Deputies’ Ethics Committee on this matter. – A person who speaks to the sovereign in this way should not be a marshal, should be punished in an exemplary manner. We also expect strong reactions from the PiS state, both from the marshal [Sejmu, Elżbiety – przyp. red.] Witek, who should discipline her colleague, the co-marshal, and from the PiS club, said Nowacka.

She assessed that “Terlecki made a name for himself with shoes and arrogance.” – Maybe a bit of reflection will appear to PiS politicians – she added.

Mrs. Joanna, whom Terlecki called "moron": I didn't expect him to speak like this

Ms Joanna, whom Terlecki called a “moron”: I did not expect that she would speak this wayTVN24

What can the Deputies’ Ethics Committee do?

The Deputies’ Ethics Committee operating in the Sejm and consisting of deputies deals with the assessment and possible imposition of penalties on deputies whose behavior or statements violate the Rules of the Sejm. The rules of ethical behavior of parliamentarians are determined by a resolution. If the committee comes to the conclusion that the deputy has breached the rules of ethics, it may punish him. Article 147 of the Rules of Procedure of the Sejm allows her to draw the attention of a deputy, to reprimand him or to reprimand him.

1. The committee, after examining the matter and finding a violation by a deputy of the “Principles of Deputies’ Ethics”, may, by resolution: 1) draw the deputy’s attention, 2) admonish the deputy, 3) reprimand the deputy. 2. The resolutions of the Committee shall be made public.

Main photo source: PAP / Radek Pietruszka

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