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Rytel, Chojnice. A baby swallowed a gel toilet block, policemen helped a mother with a child to reach the hospital

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The shaken woman ran to the police car in Rytel (Pomorskie) and asked the policemen for help in reaching the hospital. As it turned out, her nine-month-old son swallowed a gel toilet block. The officers escorted the mother with the child to a hospital in Chojnice, several kilometers away.

Everything happened on Monday (November 30) around 2.30 pm. A policeman from Czersk was driving through Rytel in a police car. It was then that a shaky woman with a baby in her arms ran up to him. – She asked for help in the rapid piloting of a nine-month-old baby to the hospital, which as it turned out swallowed a gel toilet puck. Due to the fact that there is a corrosive substance in the gel, immediate medical help was needed – she told the young asp. Justyna Przytarska from the County Police Headquarters in Chojnice.

At the beginning, the policeman checked that the child was not choking and needed immediate help. Finally, he decided to be escorted to the Hospital Emergency Department in Chojnice.


The policemen escorted the mother and the child to the hospitalKPP in Chojnice

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The baby was taken to hospital

The officer was also in touch with the officer on duty in the Chojnice police. With light and sound signals turned on, it provided quick access to Tucholska Street in Chojnice. There, road traffic policemen have already taken over the escort.

– The uniforms knew that every minute counted and they safely ensured quick access through the jammed city to the hospital. Thanks to the coordinated actions of the policemen, the boy received immediate help from specialists – Przytarska added.

The child’s life is not in danger.

Main photo source: KPP in Chojnice

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