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Rzesnica, Goleniow. He cut off the road, finally got out of the car and started chasing the driver. The investigation continues

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Investigators still have not reached the man who first tried to force another driver to stop on the expressway, then cut him off, got out of the car and chased him on foot. According to the prosecutor’s office, he brought a direct danger of a disaster in traffic – other cars barely avoided the man and vehicles standing on the road. This offense is punishable by eight years in prison.

Prosecutors have still not filed charges against the man On April 3 this year, on S3 at the Rzęśnica junction near Goleniów (West Pomeranian Voivodeship), he was supposed to behave extremely irresponsibly and irrationally. As Alicja Macugowska-Kyszka, spokeswoman for the District Prosecutor’s Office in Szczecin, told us, the District Prosecutor’s Office in Goleniów is conducting proceedings in this case towards bringing a direct danger of a road traffic disaster. It is punishable by up to eight years in prison.

– Evidence is being collected to clarify the circumstances and course of the incident. It is planned to interview witnesses and participants, as well as to seek the opinion of an expert, the prosecutor informs. The suspect in the case has not yet been arrested.

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Footage from S3

One of the drivers involved in the incident recorded what was happening on the road, and a fragment a few weeks later – in mid-May – was published by the Bandyta z cam website.

The video shows the BMW overtaking the car, turning on the hazard lights, then cutting in the driver’s way and braking. The author of the recording avoids the vehicle and tries to drive away, which is prevented by the BMW driver. At some point, the man stops in the left lane of the route, gets out of the car and starts running towards the car of the author of the recording. He puts it in reverse and drives a few dozen meters back. Then he suddenly moves forward, avoiding a man who seems to be reaching for something hidden behind his back.

The recording shows how other drivers, surprised by the situation, barely avoid the vehicles blocking traffic and the man chasing the car.

Expert: thug behavior of the driver

We do not know what happened before that led to this behavior of the BMW driver or after the recording ends. As senior sergeant Natalia Gogosza from the Poviat Police Headquarters in Goleniów reported, the next day at 11.40 am the author of the recording came to the Municipal Police Headquarters in Świnoujście and reported the attack on the expressway.

We asked Mariusz Podkalicki from the Safe Driving Academy to assess the situation. – All boundaries have been crossed here. Such thuggish behavior could lead to a traffic disaster – emphasized the expert.

At the same time, he considered that the reversing car was in a state of emergency. – If he didn’t reverse, creating a huge danger, he could also expose himself to the loss of health from the overzealous sheriff of the road on the other side. The situation seemed very dangerous.

“The penalty of losing a driver’s license should cool down such an aggressive driver,” he added.

Main photo source: youtube/bandyta.z.cam

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