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Rzeszow. 24 accused persons. Prosecution: they benefited from prostitution, committed robberies and dealt in drugs

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The indictment against 24 people was filed with the District Court in Rzeszów. According to the prosecutor’s office, the accused acted in two groups. One was to take advantage of prostitution, fight competition and intimidate employees of other escort agencies, and the other was to deal with drug trafficking.

– The investigation concerned an organized criminal group committing crimes against sexual freedom and decency, consisting in obtaining financial benefits from practicing prostitution and committing crimes against property, consisting in robbery with the use of a dangerous tool on persons providing sexual services – emphasized prosecutor Karol Borchólski from the Press Department of the Public Prosecutor’s Office Domestic.

One group was to take advantage of prostitution and fight competition

According to the findings of the investigators, the group operated at least from January 2020 in Dębica and Jasło (Podkarpackie Voivodeship), Tarnów (Małopolskie Voivodeship), Częstochowa (Śląskie Voivodeship) as well as in Radom and Warsaw (Mazowieckie Voivodeship). The group – according to investigators – consisted of eight people, including its boss Daniel G. ps. Łoker and Piotr B., Tomasz K., Łukasz K., Artur G., Svitlana G., Kazimierz J. and Adam M.

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– In the course of the investigation it was found that the leader of the organized crime group, Daniel G. ps. Łoker and his wife Svitlana G. have been managing housing escort agencies located in Tarnów since at least 2017, the prosecutor said. He added that sexual services were to be provided by women recruited through advertisements for rent and work posted on one of the Internet portals.

Investigators determined that Daniel G. was to manage housing escort agenciesShutterstock

– In order to disguise the practice of taking advantage of someone else’s prostitution, the advertisements did not inform about the method of settlements, offering only the possibility of renting a flat for a day. The content of the announcement was aimed at avoiding arousing the interest of law enforcement agencies dealing with combating crime related to sexual freedom and decency, the prosecutor explained. And he added: – It was only during the conversation, during which they offered high wages, security and anonymity in the first place, that they provided the woman interested in work with details about the settlement, the address to which she should go and how to behave in the event of a competition attack or police control.

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He emphasized that the members of the group working in “housing” prostitutes guaranteed safety, discretion and a large number of clients due to the lack of competitive “housing” in the area. – A woman who decided to provide sexual services in apartments controlled by Daniel G. paid an amount from 150 to 200 zlotys for the daily rent of a room. At this price, the prostitute received cleaning products and protection – Borchólski emphasized. He pointed out that – as investigators found – “Łoker” also fought against competing escort agencies. – To this end, he analyzed advertisements posted on internet portals and, together with another member of the criminal group, Piotr B., he carried out robberies with the use of a knife and an object resembling a firearm on women who were not “protected” by the group – he explained. In this way, the group was to carry out seven robberies in Dębica, Jasło, Tarnów, Warsaw, Częstochowa, Radom, and Gorlice. According to investigators, jewelry, money and phones were taken from the women. – In addition, they were informed about the possibility of continuing to provide sexual services, but only under the “patronage” of the criminal group, in “housing agencies” controlled by them and on the terms specified by them. It was connected with the necessity to pay 200 zlotys every day by women for the benefit of this group – reported the prosecutor.

They were to earn about 1.5 million zlotys

Investigators show that from January 2017 to March 2021, the accused earned about PLN 1.5 million from running housing escort agencies. During that time – as the investigators calculated – they “employed” at least one hundred women. – The prosecutor accused Daniel G. ps. Łoker for managing an organized criminal group, benefiting from someone else’s prostitution and robbery with the use of dangerous objects. The remaining people were accused of participating in an organized criminal group and profiting from someone else’s fornication, he enumerated. Daniel G. is threatened with up to 15 years in prison, the remaining accused up to five years in prison.

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The second group was to deal in drugs

Prosecutor Karol Borchólski informed PAP that the second criminal group that was accused operated from December 2019 to March 2021 in Nowy Sącz (Małopolska Province). – In the course of the investigation, the prosecutor found that its members traded in significant amounts of amphetamine – at least six kilograms, marijuana – at least three kilograms, mephedrone and cocaine – he noted. The group was to consist of eight people (including Daniel G.), and nine more were accused of trading in significant quantities of drugs. A preventive measure in the form of pre-trial detention is still applied to 11 defendants – at the prosecutor’s request. From among the accused, 18 people had previously been convicted, including five committed offenses as part of recidivism.

The investigation in this case was conducted by the Sub-Carpathian Branch of the Department for Organized Crime and Corruption of the National Public Prosecutor’s Office in Rzeszów together with the Central Police Investigation Bureau. The prosecutor filed indictments against 24 people to the District Court in Rzeszów.

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