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Rzeszów. A monument to revolutionary act. The whole of Poland knows it, it will change its owner

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The Monument to the Revolutionary Action is one of Rzeszów's landmarks. Discussions about what to do with it have been going on for years. Formally, he belongs to the order. The city wanted to take over the characteristic monument. However, the monks decided to give it to the Association of Families of Steadfast Soldiers of Podkarpacie.

The Monument to the Revolutionary Act has stood in the center of Rzeszów for half a century, creating the city's landscape. It has also been the subject of disputes and discussions for years. It has opponents and supporters.

He wants the monument removed Institute of National Remembrance, referring to the decommunization act. Some councilors also demanded this PIS in the Podkarpackie assembly of the previous term. The inhabitants of Rzeszów claim that it should remain in its place because it is a showcase of the city and a testimony to its history.

They took it over for a symbolic zloty and will give it back for free

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The monument has belonged to the Bernardine Order since 2006. The monastery took it over from the city for a symbolic zloty. Because the monument is in increasingly worse condition, the city wanted to recover and renovate it. The decision regarding the monument was made by the Board of the Province of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary of the Order of Friars Minor in Poland. The spokesman of the Bernardine Order, Father Alojzy Garbarz, announced in a message that the monument would be handed over free of charge to the Association of the Families of the Steadfast Soldiers of Podkarpacie.

“In recent years, the monument has become the subject of a political and ideological dispute. We do not want to be a party to the dispute over historical and political issues. It is not our mission to either renovate or demolish monuments that do not have a religious dimension. Our monastic Province does not have the funds needed to renovate the monument or destroy it. to demolish it,” said Father Alojzy Garbarz.

Symbol of Rzeszów to be liquidated? IPN for, residents againsttvn24

On the monument Nike, a peasant, a worker and a soldier

He recalled that the monument was erected by the authorities of the Polish People's Republic in the area of ​​the former monastery garden, appropriated in the post-war years, during the communist rule. “The Association of the Families of Steadfast Soldiers of Podkarpacie represents the inhabitants of the city and the community who defended the monastery at that time. This decision is based on justice and respect for people involved in helping,” said the spokesman for the order.

Its construction was ordered by the first secretary of the PZPR National Committee in Rzeszów, Władysław Kruczek. The works began in 1967 and lasted until 1974. One of the sculptures depicts “Nike”, the goddess of victory, and the other – a worker, peasant and soldier. The author of the monument is the late prof. from the Rzeszów region. Marian Konieczny. The monument is not entered in the register of monuments.

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