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Rzeszow. Charges against three people for importing “technical grain” from Ukraine and intended for the food market

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The Regional Prosecutor’s Office in Rzeszów has charged three people suspected of fraud related to the import of Ukrainian grain. The suspects were to conceal the fact that the goods they imported were “technical grain”. 92 cases from across the country were combined in an investigation into similar fraud.

In the investigation of the Regional Prosecutor’s Office in Rzeszów regarding fraud related to the import of Ukrainian grain, three people were charged.

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Allegations of fraud related to technical grain from Ukraine

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The spokesman for the National Prosecutor’s Office, Łukasz Łapczyński, said that the first suspect was charged with fraud to the detriment of a Polish grain trading company by selling over 111 tons of wheat and concealing the fact that it was imported from Ukraine as “technical grain”. – The established damage is almost PLN 150,000 – explained the prosecutor.

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The second of the suspects was charged by the prosecutor’s office with forging documents concerning the destination of wheat grains purchased in Ukraine. – The documents were then submitted to the customs agency in the procedure of customs clearance of goods imported from Ukraine and a fiscal crime consisting in misleading the authority authorized to control that the declared goods are technical goods for which non-tariff regulations existed, while the goods were intended for for trading on the agri-food market – he explained. He added that in this case the value of the goods resulting from the invoices was over PLN 91,000.

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– The third of the suspects was also charged with customs fraud by misleading the customs authority in the 190 customs declarations of corn grains and nine rapeseed customs declarations, that rapeseed and corn grains were intended for technical purposes, while they were is a commodity intended for trading on the agri-food market. The value of the goods in question resulting from the invoices amounted to over PLN 6.3 million, the PK spokesman said.

92 proceedings, almost 300 searches

– Currently, as part of the investigation conducted by the Team of Prosecutors of the Regional Prosecutor’s Office in Rzeszów, 92 proceedings from all over the country have been combined. So far, 283 searches have been carried out, as part of which documentation on the entities under investigation has been secured, he informed.

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– Intensive evidence activities are carried out in the case, resulting from the adopted investigation plan. The case is developing – assured prosecutor Łukasz Łapczyński.

The PK spokesman added that the investigation into fraud related to the import of Ukrainian grain is supervised by the Economic Crime Department of the National Prosecutor’s Office.

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