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Rzeszow. During the renovation of the station, they discovered a modernist mosaic

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A mosaic from the 1960s made of stone was discovered during renovation and construction works in the building of the railway station in Rzeszów. The exposed decoration is the most valuable element of the interior of the station from the modernist period, preserved in its entirety.

As reported on its website by the Podkarpackie Voivodship Office for the Protection of Monuments based in Przemyśl, an interesting wall decoration was unveiled in the room of the former restaurant of the reconstructed railway station building PKP. The preserved mosaic presents an abstract, organic composition with informel elements. Informel is French for formless art. The term defines a type of contemporary painting that was created in the 1950s.

– It uses stones, generally available material, considered of little value and random. The whole creates a relief, in which wall painting is intertwined with fragments of mortar with stones embedded in it – Elżbieta Wiącek-Lach, a monument conservator who supervises the investment, described the mosaic.

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Mosaic at the railway station in RzeszówB. A similar Provincial Office for the Protection of Monuments in Przemyśl

The mosaic is made of multicolored stones soaked in oils

The decoration was made of multi-colored stones, the so-called pebbles, soaked in oils so that they retain their natural gloss and the color of wet stone in the wall.

Wiącek-Lach added that the polychrome fragments were made in oil technique, using natural earth pigments, such as ocher, ocher and umber. – The surface of the object was protected with a layer of damar varnish, which drastically darkened over the years and caused a change in the original color – explained the conservator.

At the same time, she emphasized that the discovered mosaic is one of the few projects of this type, implemented and preserved to this day in Rzeszów. – The form and technology of the composition reflect the character and ideas of modernist art – she pointed out.

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Mosaic at the railway station in RzeszówB. A similar Provincial Office for the Protection of Monuments in Przemyśl

The mosaic will undergo conservation

She ensured that technical and aesthetic conservation of the facility is planned, aimed at stopping the process of destruction and restoring its original aesthetic values.

– The re-exhibition of the mosaic is in line with the assumptions of the reconstruction of the railway station, which aims to restore the building’s modernist character. The mosaic is the most valuable, preserved in its entirety, decorative element of the interior of the station from that period – said Wiącek-Lach.

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Mosaic at the railway station in RzeszówB. A similar Provincial Office for the Protection of Monuments in Przemyśl

The author of the project and the contractor are unknown, although there are some assumptions

She pointed out that neither the author of the design nor its contractor is known, but due to its characteristic features, such as the materials used and the combination of mosaics with wall painting, it should be assumed that the creators of the composition were Hanna and Gabriel Rechowicz.

– They created in the era of modernism, and their monumental mosaics and polychromes decorated representative public buildings from that period, such as “Dom Chłopa” and Supersam in Warsaw – said Wiącek-Lach.

She also pointed out that an example of the work of these artists was, until recently, the mosaic and polychrome in the concert hall and on the external façade of the Municipal House of Culture in Łańcut.

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The Rzeszów Communication Center is established

The reconstruction of the station building is one of the elements of a larger investment – the construction of the Rzeszów Communication Center. The value of the investment is nearly PLN 74 million. zloty.

The construction of RCK consists of three tasks. In addition to the reconstruction of the station building, it is also the reconstruction of pl. Dworcowy and the construction of an underground car park for over 100 cars and parking spaces for taxis and bicycles under it, as well as reconstruction of the road system in the vicinity of the railway station. The construction of RCK is expected to last until the second half of 2023.

Main photo source: B. A similar Provincial Office for the Protection of Monuments in Przemyśl

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