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Rzeszow. In Wisłok, divers found the body of a young man

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The Special Group of Scuba Divers of the Republic of Poland found the body of a young man after a three-day search on the Wisłok River. The prosecutor’s office secured the corpse from the autopsy and for its identification.

At the request of the city commander in Rzeszów, divers from the GSP RP were called to help in the search for a 16-year-old who ran into Wisłok on March 14 at the sight of policemen and disappeared in the river. They started their activities on Thursday and in the following days they made a total of three approaches.

Body trapped under water

– Yesterday, from 5 am to late evening, we examined the Wisłok riverbed on a section of about 70 kilometers, from the dam to the mouth of the river into the San. On their basis, we conducted experiments that helped us understand the trends of the trough. On Saturday morning, we turned the research into reality, in one of the critical points, in a blockage on the river, we managed to locate the body of a young boy trapped in underwater obstacles – says Maciej Rokus, head of GSP RP.

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The body was trapped in underwater obstaclesGSP RP

The police were called to the scene, and the prosecutor also appeared. – I confirm that after 12 o’clock the police officer on duty was notified that divers working on the Wisłok River had found the body. The body was found in a river in Rzeszów, near the railway bridge. The prosecutor decided to secure the body for autopsy and for its identification, says Magdalena Żuk, spokeswoman for the Rzeszów police.

The body was found near the railway bridgeGSP RP

The 16-year-old fell into the water and disappeared

In mid-March, a 16-year-old boy was carried away by the Wisłok stream, after – according to the police report – he entered the water himself at the sight of officers approaching him.

– The police decided to find out the reason for his nervous behavior. Two officers got out of the car and started heading towards him, then the man ran into Wisłok at the level of Spytka Ligęza Street and was swept away by the current. The policemen wanted to help him, other officers joined them, the four of them entered the river and formed the so-called chain of life, but they were unable to help him and pull him out – Magdalena Żuk reported at the time.

In the following days, firefighters equipped with sonar boats searched for the boy, but to no avail.

Main photo source: GSP RP

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