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Rzeszów. Mortar grenade near the playground, sappers intervened

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During earthworks at the playground at Gromskiego Street in Rzeszów (Podkarpackie Voivodeship), a 21-centimeter mortar grant was found. The unexploded bomb from World War II was taken by sappers.

The Rzeszów police officer on duty was notified about the unusual find on Monday (April 29) after 12.40. He sent police officers from the mines and pyrotechnics reconnaissance group to the site, who determined that the dangerous find was a 21 cm long mortar grenade.

“Most likely, the unexploded bomb dating back to World War II was found by employees of the housing cooperative during earthworks at the playground,” said Staff Aspirant Magdalena Żuk, spokeswoman for the Municipal Police Headquarters in Rzeszów.

Mortar grenade near the playground, sappers intervenedKMP Rzeszów

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Sappers from the 21st Battalion of the Polish Army in Rzeszów also arrived at the site. “They secured and took the unexploded bomb to the place of neutralization,” the policewoman added.

Police appeal

The police appeal for caution and remind that if an unexploded bomb is found, do not touch, move or defuse it. The place should be secured and the nearest police station should be notified of the discovery as soon as possible. The police will secure the area and notify the sappers.

“Very large bullets can have a firing range of up to several hundred meters,” the police remind us.

Main photo source: KMP Rzeszów

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