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Rzeszów. MPK drivers went on strike. Residents have problems with commuting during the morning rush hour

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Drivers of one of the three trade unions at the Municipal Transport Company in Rzeszów (Podkarpackie Voivodeship) went on strike on Tuesday morning. The city did not meet their demands for a salary increase for employees. Residents of Rzeszów have problems with commuting to school and work.

Drivers from the Free Trade Union of MPK Employees joined the strike. As union leader Wojciech Cwalina told PAP, about 60 drivers have not left the city since the morning.

“This is only the first change. We anticipate that this number will increase in the second one. We assume that it may double,” Wojciech Cwalina told PAP on Tuesday morning.

Some striking drivers took sick leave and returned home. Another part of the crew showed up for work but refused to perform their duties. They are staying at the bus base at ul. Lubelska.

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100 drivers work

There are currently about 100 drivers working. “This allows us to meet approximately 90 percent of the morning traffic peak,” said the Public Transport Authority, which is responsible for organizing public transport, in a statement.

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“There will certainly be courses related to transporting residents to workplaces, including those in industrial zones, routes of lines going outside the city and a large part of the most popular routes of lines such as number 18 or 19,” said ZTM spokesman Maciej Chłodnicki.

ZTM also assured that detailed information on individual journeys will be displayed on light boards at stops.

“We apologize for any possible inconvenience. At the same time, we would like to thank that most drivers behaved responsibly and will operate the buses. However, there may be some changes in the timetable,” said ZTM director Anna Kowalska in a statement sent to the media.

Not all MPK buses will hit the streets of Rzeszów today Shutterstock

Residents: no information

Residents of Rzeszów have been asking on social media since the morning whether it is known which courses have been left out of the timetable and whether there are major difficulties. “My son returned home because MPK did not arrive,” wrote one of the Internet users. “The eight at 6:45 on Staromiejska towards the center left 10 minutes later, but it was there,” Barbara announced. “You made me walk 8 km… and of course I was late for work… I won’t write what I wish for you. P.S. There is no information on the boards” – this is Agnieszka’s entry.

They want salary increases

Tuesday’s strike is a consequence of the collective dispute that began in April. Three trade unions operating in the company demanded salary increases for employees. The main demand was to increase the hourly rate by PLN 2 (PLN 340 per month) and pay the increase with compensation from April 1. Trade unionists also demanded a change to the seniority system and maintaining the monthly bonus, which constitutes 20 percent. remuneration.

After negotiations, two trade unions – “Solidarity” and the Trade Union of Bus Drivers and MPK Service Employees – agreed to the proposal of the MPK management, i.e. increasing the hourly rate by PLN 1.80 and the attendance bonus. The Free Trade Union of MPK Employees protested and maintained the collective dispute.

The Public Transport Authority reminded that in 2022, MPK will also introduce pay raises for the staff. On average, the salary increased by PLN 600 gross. This amount includes all components, including overtime and holiday hours.

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