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Rzeszow. Presidential elections in Rzeszów, final voting results. Konrad Fijołek won

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The Municipal Electoral Commission announced the final results of the early elections for the president of Rzeszów. In the first round, Konrad Fijołek won 56.51 percent of the vote, Ewa Leniart – 23.62 percent, Marcin Warchoł – 10.72 percent, and Grzegorz Braun – 9.15 percent. The voter turnout was over 54 percent. The election commissioner in Rzeszów, Marcin Dudzik, approved the results on Monday morning. As he said, the elections were decided in the first round.

After 2 a.m. on Sunday night, representatives of the Municipal Election Commission announced the results of the first round of elections for the president of Rzeszów based on data from 100 percent of the district committees.

Konrad Fijołek (KWW Konrad Fijołek Development of Rzeszów 2.0) won 56.51 percent of the vote. Ewa Leniart (KWW Ewa Leniart Wspólny Dom Rzeszów) obtained 23.62 percent of the vote. Marcin Warchoł (KW Marcin Warchoł Tadeusz Ferenc – for Rzeszów) – 10.72 percent, and Grzegorz Braun (KWW Grzegorz Braun – Confederation) won 9.15 percent.

According to MKW, the voter turnout was 54 percent.

Elections in Rzeszów. The Municipal Election Commission released the official resultsTVN24

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“Resolved in the first round”

Before 3 a.m. on Monday, the election commissioner in Rzeszów, Marcin Dudzik, approved the protocol from the MKW. He informed that Konrad Fijołek received 45,059 votes. – This means that the elections for the president of the city of Rzeszów were decided in the first round – he said.

He also added that Ewa Leniart received 18,831 votes, Marcin Warchoł – 8,546 votes and Grzegorz Braun – 7,296 votes. He confirmed that the turnout was “slightly over 54 percent”.


Voting in the elections of the president of RzeszówPAP / Darek Delmanowicz

“Voting was very easy”

Earlier, after the final election results were announced, MKW representatives were asked when the new city governor would be sworn in. – Within seven days from the date of the announcement of the election results, the election commissioner convenes a session of the City Council, during which the certificate of the voting results is issued and then the president takes office – one of them said

He also said that “there were no significant incidents” on election day. – Voting was very smooth – he stressed.

Representatives of the MKW in Rzeszów: the voting was very smoothTVN24

Elections postponed by the epidemic

The early elections in Rzeszów had to take place due to the fact that Tadeusz Ferenc, who ruled the city since 2002, resigned in February after COVID-19 became ill. The elections, originally scheduled for May 9, were postponed for epidemic reasons to Sunday, June 13, and their possible second round – June 27.

The vice-president of the city council and the head of the Rzeszów development club, Konrad Fijołek, stood in the race for the seat of the president of the capital of Podkarpacie. by the PO, Lewica, PSL and Ruch Polska 2050 former co-worker of the outgoing president Tadeusz Ferenc; Ewa Leniart, Voivode of Podkarpacie, supported by PiS; proposed and consistently supported during the campaign by Ferenc, Deputy Minister of Justice Marcin Warchoł from Solidarna Polska, a coalition partner of PiS; Grzegorz Braun, Member of the Confederation.

After the end of the election silence and the announcement of the exit poll results, the candidates spoke to journalists. Konrad Fijołek he argued that “no option won in Rzeszów, no formation won in Rzeszów, no party won between us, the citizens, in Rzeszów”. – In fact, unity won in Rzeszów – he assessed.

Konrad FijołekPAP / Darek Delmanowicz

Ewa Leniart she assessed that “the meetings we had, many talks about the future and Rzeszów’s problems are certainly very important from the point of view of who will actually take power in Rzeszów”.

Ewa LeniartPAP / Darek Delmanowicz

Marcin Warchoł instead, he said he rated his score as “successful”. – That is why I consider this result a success, because coming from a small grouping such as Solidarna Polska, I actually achieved a result higher than the support of my party throughout the country – he commented.

Marcin Warchołtvn24

Main photo source: PAP / Darek Delmanowicz

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