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Rzeszow. Seeing the police, he ran into the river, and there was no trace of him. The search is underway

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In Rzeszów (Podkarpackie Voivodeship), a search is underway for a young man who, seeing the policemen, ran into Wisłok and disappeared. Firefighters have been searching the river and its banks for several days. Police resumed the search on Sunday. A prosecutor’s investigation has begun. Secured, among others recordings from cameras placed on police uniforms.

The incident took place on Tuesday (March 14) a few minutes after 2 pm. Police officers from the Rzeszów police station patrolled the area at Boulevards Rzeszowskie. As Staff Sergeant Magdalena Żuk, press officer of the Municipal Police Headquarters in Rzeszów, describes, the police officers entered the boulevards in a police car, then one of the young men staying there “got up violently” and “began to behave unnaturally”, which drew the attention of uniformed officers.

– The police decided to find out the reason for his nervous behavior. Two officers got out of the car and started heading towards him, then the man ran into Wisłok at the level of Spytka Ligęza Street and was swept away by the current. The policemen wanted to help him, other officers joined them, the four of them entered the river and formed the so-called chain of life, but they were unable to help him and pull him out, reports Żuk.

Firefighters with sonar, policemen in action. “The search will continue”

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The fire brigade was called to the site and combed the river and its banks, also with boats equipped with sonar. However, the search, which was continued by firefighters every day until Saturday evening, did not yield any results. On Sunday morning, the search was resumed, and the police are conducting operations.

Officers have not yet identified the missing man. – The search will continue – assures Żuk in an interview with tvn24.pl.

The search is on for a young man who entered Wisłok and was carried away by the current of the river KM PSP in Rzeszów

Investigators secured monitoring and camera recordings on policemen’s uniforms

The day after the incident, on Wednesday (March 15) in the afternoon, the Rzeszów police headquarters received a report about the disappearance of a 16-year-old. The police do not rule out that it may be a young man who jumped into the river on Tuesday. However, at the request of the missing man’s family, he did not provide detailed information about the case.

The circumstances of the incident that took place on Tuesday are being investigated by the District Prosecutor’s Office in Rzeszów. As the Rzeszów “Gazeta Wyborcza” informed, it is based on Article 151 of the Penal Code, which states that: “whoever, by persuasion or by providing help, leads a person to take his own life, is subject to the penalty of imprisonment from three months to five years.” .

According to the journalists of “Wyborcza”, the investigators secured, among others, recordings from the surveillance camera placed opposite the place where the boy entered the river and recordings from the cameras mounted on the policemen’s uniforms.

tvn24.pl, Gazeta Wyborcza Rzeszów

Main photo source: KM PSP in Rzeszów

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