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Rzeszow. Seven people in hospital after visiting a restaurant. They ate egg benedict sandwiches

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Seven customers of the restaurant in Rzeszów were hospitalized with symptoms of food poisoning. According to the local health department, a total of 15 people were poisoned in the premises. “The reason was eggs, which were given to us by the previous supplier together with the bacteria,” the representatives of the premises said on social media.

health department reports that all the infected ate – from Saturday, May 27 to Monday, May 29 – a meal in a restaurant at Plac Wolności in Rzeszów. 18 people were exposed to poisoning, 15 developed symptoms, and seven were hospitalized.

Jaromir Ślączka, the head of the Poviat Sanitary and Epidemiological Station, informed about the collective poisoning. – We received telephone reports regarding the occurrence of intestinal symptoms in three people who ate a meal in the “Rzeszuff” restaurant on May 28th. On the same day, an epidemiological investigation was launched and a sanitary inspection was launched in the restaurant, Ślączka said.

The restaurant apologized to customers on social media and announced that it had terminated its cooperation with the previous egg supplier. “The reason was the eggs that the previous supplier gave us along with the bacteria. The sanitary inspection showed no faults on our part in the production process, which is confirmed by the official inspection report,” the representatives of the premises emphasized in social media.

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Restaurant temporarily closed

On Thursday, by 2 p.m., the health department determined that 18 people were exposed to poisoning, 15 developed symptoms, seven were hospitalized, including three people with a positive test result for Salmonella enteritidis. All these people ate a meal in a Rzeszów restaurant.

– Most people indicated that they ate sandwiches containing Benedictine eggs (not subject to complete heat treatment) – informed Ślączka.

During the inspection in the restaurant, the sanitary inspectorate collected raw materials included in the dishes for testing and swabs were taken for bacteriological testing of the staff.

The restaurant has closed. This will be the case until the results of laboratory tests are available.

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