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Rzeszów. The bell of life rings in the university teaching hospital

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The bell of life has been ringing since Thursday at the University Clinical Hospital. Fryderyk Chopin in Rzeszów (Podkarpackie Voivodeship). It is used by patients who have overcome cancer to symbolically announce their recovery and to give hope to people undergoing cancer treatment.

The first to ring the bell of life was the deputy voivode of Podkarpacie, Paweł Bartoszek. He said that he had been struggling with cancer 11 years ago.

– I am a living example that you can beat cancer. It's a special feeling to be able to ring the bell and I hope the sound of the bell will ring very often, he said after ringing the bell of life three times.

Call Life University Clinical Hospital in Rzeszów

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Encourages you to fight cancer

Director of the University Clinical Hospital, Janusz Ławiński, MD, pointed out that the bell of life encourages other patients and their families to believe that fighting cancer is possible and that it is worth striving to reject the disease, and the medical staff mobilizes them to make even greater efforts in their daily lives. working for patients.

– According to the observations of psycho-oncologists, such a symbolic showing of one's joy to the world and sharing it with people who accompanied during recovery is of great importance for patients. Both for those who have recovered and for those who are still in oncology wards, noted the hospital director.

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He emphasized that the bell brings comfort, hope and gives faith that even against such a formidable opponent it is possible to win. – Therefore, it is worth fighting, even if the treatment sometimes seems beyond our strength – argued Ławiński.

The first one rang the bell

Hospital spokesman Andrzej Sroka informed that the ceremony of ringing the bell after completing cancer treatment has been known and practiced for many years all over the world.

– It was started in 1996 by American Rear Admiral Irve Charles Le Moyne. As a sign of victory over the disease, he rang the ship's bell and then donated it to the hospital in Texas where he was being treated, Sroka said.

12 bells throughout the country

He added that in Poland, the initiator of the campaign is Katarzyna Gulczyńska, the president of the “Pokonaj Cancer” Foundation from the Podkarpackie Voivodeship, who has already donated 12 such bells. They are purchased from part of the funds obtained from one and a half percent donated by taxpayers to public benefit organizations. They go to hospitals all over the country.

According to Gulczyńska, the bell of life is a symbol of hope, perseverance and overcoming difficulties.

– It is the last point on the road to recovery, to the point where the patient can proudly hit it as a sign of victory. The sound of the bell is a joyful announcement both for the patient and for everyone that the next stage of the fight has been completed and better times are ahead – emphasized Gulczyńska.

Main photo source: University Clinical Hospital in Rzeszów

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