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Rzeszow. The city is battling a rat infestation and asks the court for help

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The Rzeszów town hall has prepared a letter addressed to the local district court with a request to join the action to remove rats appearing on the main square of the city. The seat of the District Court in Rzeszów is located in the Lubomirski Castle, and rodents are supposed to live under its walls.

The city office in Rzeszów announced that it would send a letter to the court on Wednesday. Artur Gernand from the Chancellery of the Mayor of Rzeszów said that the city takes up the fight against rats that appear in the city center every year. A company catching these animals is hired.

– It’s not like these rodents suddenly appeared in the city. They inhabit sewers and cellars in the center of Rzeszów. They come out when it gets warm and then they are visible wherever there are people and where there is a lot of food leftovers. Because it’s the food, left in trash cans and other things, that attracts rats, Gernand noted.

As he explained, people leave leftovers of food, for example from dinner, wanting to feed stray cats or wild birds. Meanwhile – as he pointed out – rats use such a “restaurant”.

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Clerk: rats live under the castle

He pointed out that when the weather is nice, rodents are seen mainly at the multimedia fountain located right next to the Lubomirski Castle, as well as at Plac Ofiar Getta and in the park at ul. Pulaski, i.e. in the city center.

He added that traps for rats have been set up near the fountain, but they will not bring the expected results, because these rodents come only there to eat.

– Employees of the company we hired to catch the rats watched where they were wandering from and it turned out that they come to the fountain area from the area of ​​the Lubomirski Castle. This is where they live – under the historic defensive walls, in the canals, in the moat – said Gernand.

Lubomirski Castle in RzeszówShutterstock

An appeal to the court

Therefore, the Municipal Greenery Authority in Rzeszów sent a request to the host of the Lubomirski Castle, i.e. the District Court in Rzeszów, to join the action of eliminating rats.

– We’re open to talk. When the court authorities want to cooperate in this matter, we will present the actions taken by the city in this matter and together we will develop and coordinate a plan – assured the official.

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And he appealed to residents not to leave leftovers of food in the urban space, because they attract rats.

We wanted to ask the court spokesman about the case. Up to the time of publication, we have not been able to obtain a comment on this matter.

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