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Rzeszow. The murder of a prison psychologist. The indictment against Arthur R.

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The indictment against Artur R. was filed on Friday with the District Court in Rzeszów. The man is responsible for the homicide with particular cruelty and motivation that deserves special condemnation of a psychologist in the Prison in Rzeszów.

An officer of the Prison Service was attacked by 38-year-old Artur R. On February 22, 2022, the attack on the psychologist took place in a room where standard conversations with inmates took place. The woman died as a result of injuries inflicted by a sharp instrument.

Prosecutor Krzysztof Ciechanowski, spokesman for the District Prosecutor’s Office in Rzeszów, which investigated the case, announced on Friday that Artur R. is also charged with active assault on a public official and unlawful imprisonment combined with particular torment.

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Attack on a prison psychologist

As it was established in the course of the investigation, on February 22, 2022, Artur R. was brought to the office of a psychologist – the injured Bogumiła B. – for another psychological consultation.

In the office, the victim was alone with the accused. In the course of the psychological consultation, Artur R. locked the door of the room with a key from the inside, and then made an active assault on the victim and inflicted at least two fist blows on her face with considerable force. After her fall, he inflicted at least two more blows with considerable force on the bloody surface of the face, and then, using the scissors he took from the victim’s desk, he inflicted eight blows with the scissors around the neck and face, the prosecutor described.

The psychologist suffered a massive internal and external hemorrhage which led to her death.

For these crimes, a man is liable to imprisonment for a period of not less than 12 years, or 25 years or life imprisonment.

He is also responsible for rape

Ciechanowski added that the investigation had already been accompanied by preparatory proceedings against Artur R. suspected of rape and violation of Agata S.’s sexual intimacy. Agata S. According to the woman’s testimony, Artur R. initially behaved normally and did not raise any suspicions.

– After entering the apartment, Artur R. first looked around the apartment, then checked all the rooms to make sure they were alone. He handed the woman the agreed amount, then went to the bathroom and took a shower, the prosecutor said.

Later, the man began using threats and violence against the woman. – While the woman was lying on the bed, Artur R. against her will led her to sexual intercourse. During sexual intercourse, the accused threatened the victim with the death of the victim, pointing at the knife on the bed, while recording, with his mobile phone, without her consent, her naked image during sexual activity, Ciechanowski informed.

He added that the man has pleaded not guilty to the charges against him. As regards the charge of murder, he submitted explanations, while as regards the charge of rape and making criminal threats, he refused to provide explanations.

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Experts: he was sane

Artur R. was examined by experts who found that he was sane at the time of committing the act. However, it is highly dangerous for the environment and the presence of the suspect at large poses a serious threat to the legal order. The experts also concluded that there was a high probability that Artur R. would again commit a prohibited act against human health or life. On the other hand, an expert in the field of sexology found sexual deviations in the man in the form of one of the varieties of sadism, which consists in achieving pleasure by raping sexual partners.

In turn, a team of experts: two psychiatrists and a psychologist, after conducting a total of six weeks of psychiatric observation of Artur R. in hospital conditions, prepared an opinion containing answers to the prosecutor’s questions regarding his sanity at the time of committing the act and the ability to recognize the significance of his act and for proper management of their behavior. According to the experts’ opinions, Artur R. “while committing the alleged acts did not have, due to illness, abolished or significantly limited ability to recognize the meaning of the act or to control his own conduct” – revealed the prosecutor.

In addition, the experts indicated that Artur R. could participate in the preparatory proceedings and appear before the court, and that he could serve a prison sentence in the conditions of a prison.

The team of experts asked for psychiatric observation of Arthur R. in closed conditions, after conducting a single test beforehand. They considered, however, that this was not enough and in order to obtain a full and final diagnosis of his mental state and issue an opinion in this case, psychiatric observation in closed conditions was necessary.

Psychiatric observation

In order for the observation to be possible, the consent of the court was required, which in July 2022 issued such consent. Observation began – due to long waiting times – only on October 25, 2022. Usually, such observation takes place in the hospital conditions of a detention center and lasts four weeks, but it can be extended at the request of experts. This is what happened in this case and it lasted six weeks.

Artur R. is in custody. He had already been there earlier in connection with the rape case of 2020, for which he was accused in September 2021. In connection with further allegations – the murder of a PS officer, the prosecutor’s office – in accordance with the procedure – also applied to the court for arrest for him.

Artur R. has not been punished so far. The crime he is now accused of is punishable by not less than 12 years in prison, 25 years or life imprisonment.

The psychologist who died was 39 years old. She has been serving at the Prison in Rzeszów since October 2010. She was a senior psychologist. In 2017, she completed vocational training for the first officer rank of the Prison Service. She served in the ward for remand prisoners.

She left behind her husband and two children.

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