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Rzeszow. The president of the company and four people will stand trial for extorting money from the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development

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Five people will be charged with extorting over PLN 3 million to the detriment of the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development and attempting to extort another PLN 800,000. The indictment was sent to the District Court in Rzeszów.

According to prosecutor Krzysztof Ciechanowski, spokesman for the District Prosecutor’s Office in Rzeszów, which prepared the indictment in this case, 54-year-old Robert K., president of one of the capital companies, was accused of extorting more than three million zlotys from the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development. He will also be responsible for an attempt to extort PLN 833,000 from the Agency.

The other defendants: Krystian K., Bartosz B., Piotr K. and Aneta S. will be responsible for issuing false invoices, e.g. the purchase of machines on the basis of which Robert K. extorted funding from PARP for over three million zlotys and tried to extort more co-financing.

All the defendants are residents of the Rzeszów district.

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He attached the “left” invoices to the applications

The investigation into this case was initiated after a written notification from the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development with its registered office in Warsaw. Prosecutor Ciechanowski said that in October 2016, Robert K.’s multi-industry company concluded an agreement with PAED in Warsaw for co-financing the project. As the prosecutor explained, the company whose president was Robert K. was not specialized in one industry. She dealt with, among others real estate rental, or printing leaflets and advertising folders.

“In this case, persons acting on behalf of a capital company whose president was Robert K., by attaching false invoices to applications for financing the purchase fixed assetsfor example, machines, led the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development to an unfavorable disposal of property in the amount of over three million 169 thousand zlotys, “prosecutor Ciechanowski said.

Another such agreement between Roberta K. and PARP was concluded in December 2017. Persons acting on behalf of this company also submitted applications to the Agency for co-financing on the basis of invoices certifying untruth for the amount not lower than PLN 833,000. zloty. However, it was not possible to extort money at that time, because PARP initiated an inspection, which consequently led to the termination of the contract with Robert K.

Untrue invoices, e.g. purchase of machines, were issued by other defendants representing other companies: Krystian K., Bartosz B., Piotr K. and Aneta S. In addition, 38-year-old Piotr K. and 46-year-old Aneta S. will answer not only for issuing documents confirming untruth, but also for using such documents and for trying to extort financial support.

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Two pleaded guilty, the others declined to comment

During the interrogation of the suspects, only Piotr K. and Bartosz B. admitted to the alleged acts. Bartosz B. gave extensive explanations, while the other suspects exercised their right not to give explanations.

All suspects were subject to property sureties in the amount of PLN 15,000 to 50,000, police supervision combined with the obligation to appear in person at police headquarters, a ban on contacting other suspects in the case and a ban on leaving the country combined with seizure of passports.

In addition, property in the amount of nearly PLN 4 million was secured from the suspects against future penalties, the obligation to repair the damage to the injured Agency and the costs of the proceedings, including real estate, cars, hunting weapons, cash, shares in capital companies.

They face up to 10 years in prison

Aneta S. has so far been punished for offenses under the Accounting Act, while Bartosz B. has already been punished for a similar crime of fraud in relation to property of significant value and the use of documents confirming untruth in order to obtain financial support.

The other defendants have not yet been convicted.

The alleged crimes are punishable by up to 10 years in prison.

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