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Rzeszow. The world’s largest plane, An-225 Mrija, landed in Rzeszów-Jasionka

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Antonow An-225 Mrija landed in Rzeszów-Jasionka. This is the fourth visit by the largest aircraft in the world in Poland. We received the recording from the airport in the capital of Podkarpacie on Kontakt 24.

The plane has flown in several directions in recent days. On November 11, he left Kiev for Chinese Tianjin. After a break of several hours for loading the goods, the machine was launched on November 12 to Almaty in Kazakhstan. There An-255 rested almost 24 hours.

On Saturday, November 13 at 14. went to Rzeszów. He had a stopover in Baku, Azerbaijan, and landed in Rzeszów-Jasionka after 23.

An-225 for the fourth time in Poland

The first landing of Antonov in Poland took place in 2003 in Poznań. Two years later, the machine landed in Katowice and took three Mi-2 helicopters with it. On April 14, 2020, An-225 landed at the airport in Warsaw. Then the plane delivered medical materials from China to fight the coronavirus.

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The An-225 Mrija is a six-engine transport aircraft of Soviet production, built in Ukraine. It is 84 meters long and is the largest aircraft in use today. Its cargo holds up to 250,000 kilograms. Only one copy of this machine was built. The construction of the second plane was not completed.

Main photo source: zloty_2000 / Kontakt24

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