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S12 Piaski – Dorohusk. GDDKiA chose the best offer in the Dorohucza – Chełm Zachód tender

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The General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways (GDDKiA) has selected the best offer in a tender for the design and construction of the S12 expressway between Dorohucza and Chełm in the Lubelskie Voivodship. It is an over 22-kilometer section of the road to the Polish-Ukrainian border crossing in Dorohusk.

The section Dorohucza – Chełm Zachód will be 22.5 kilometers long. GDDKiA announced that 10 bids were received in the tender for the selection of the contractor for this section. “Eight of them fit within our budget, which amounted to PLN 957.7 million. The most advantageous offer, amounting to approximately PLN 760 million, was submitted by Stecol Corporation” – we read in Wednesday’s announcement.

S12 Dorohucza – Chełm West

The beginning of the section Dorohucza – Chełm Zachód is planned in the town of Chojno Nowe Drugie. The route will follow a new route along the current DK12, mostly on its northern side. The new section will connect to the Chełm bypass at the Chełm Zachód junction.

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As part of the investment, it is planned to construction of a bridge, 14 viaducts and four passages for large and medium-sized animals. The Siedliszcze road junction will also be built.

The Dorohucza – Chełm Zachód section is a fragment of the S12 expressway between Piaski and the border crossing in Dorohusk, which will be approximately 75 kilometers long.


Expressway to the border with Ukraine

GDDKiA also announced at what stage the remaining sections are. “For the Chełm bypass with a length of approx. 13.6 km, the Lublin Voivodeship Office is currently conducting proceedings regarding the issuance of a decision on the permit for the implementation of a road investment (ZRID). Obtaining this decision will enable the contractor to start works in the field” – we read.

GDDKiA also selected the most advantageous offers in tenders for the selection of contractors for sections Piaski – Dorohucza and Chełm – Dorohusk. “There have been no appeals against them and an obligatory inspection by the President of the Public Procurement Office is underway” – road workers reported.

On the other hand, from the original plans, after carrying out geological surveys, GDDKiA excluded a fragment of approximately 5.7 kilometers at the junction of the previously assumed two implementation sections. “In the area of ​​the planned Dorohucza junction, industrial waste was found under the layer of soil. Therefore, we decided to bypass the landfill. This involves changing the course of the route between Pełczyn and Chojno Nowe, developing a new variant and obtaining an environmental decision” – explained. GDDKiA informed that a tender is currently underway to select a contractor for the design documentation for this section of the route.

Main photo source: GDDKiA

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