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S17, Góraszka. He got angry with the driver for driving too slowly. He broke his rear window

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The police detained a man who, according to Paulina Harabin, spokeswoman of the Otwock police, overtook the Volvo on the S17 expressway and braked sharply, forcing the driver to stop as well. Then he got out, smashed the rear window of a Volvo, and drove away. The reason for the aggression was to drive too slowly.

The incident took place on Saturday on the S17 road, near the village of Góraszka in the district of Otwock.

“He shouted, hit the rear window with his hand”

– According to the applicant, when he and his wife were driving a Volvo car, he overtook their Opel at some point. The driver of that car cut their way, braked sharply and left the car on the expressway, shouting at the applicant who was not going to get out of the car. Then the aggressor hit the rear window of the Volvo with his hand and broke it, then he returned to his vehicle and drove away, the spokeswoman described. – The man pointed out that the Opel driver was upset that he was about to enter the left lane too slowly and thus cut his way – she added.


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Police officers identified a man related to the incident. – The 26-year-old was arrested by officers on one of the streets in Wiązowna and taken to the police station in Józefów, where he heard the accusation of damage to property. The man confessed to committing the alleged offense, Harabin continued.

Damage to property is punishable by up to five years’ imprisonment.

We also informed about the driver who damaged several cars in Wilanów:

The mini driver damaged four cars Artur Węgrzynowicz, tvnwarszawa.pl

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